Video Review: David Guetta, Sia & Fetty Wap “Bang My Head” 

Seated at a poker table, David Guetta raises his bet. Around him, women are pouring liquor into glasses. The young woman next to Guetta puts her hand on his but he knocks it away. She puts her hand to her face. The man across the table ups the ante. Guetta place his hand on his chin, not sure what to do. The young woman looks at him, silently pleading with him to stop. Guetta raises his bet again, sure he will win. The man places all his money in the pool. The other women are noticing the tension. Some are whispering to each other while others watch, unable to turn themselves away.

The man reveals his hand and then puts his elbows up on the table, knowing Guetta can’t beat him. The young woman gives Guetta a worried look. He puts his hand over his mouth.

The young woman places a token of her white horse on the table. She says she can pay off his debt. Guetta tells her no, not to do it. She tells him she can. The man rubs his hands together and accepts it, saying the young woman is responsible for his debt.

The young woman brushes her horse and gives it a bath, spraying a hose. As she gets on the horse, Guetta watches. Nervous and scared, he screams. She places her hand on his chest, reassuring him it will be ok. She rides her horse through a trail in the desert. Meanwhile, lit under red light, the man who won the money, is in a sleazy bar, drinking his money away.

The lights in the stadium turn on. The young woman stays behind her gate with her horse, awaiting the signal. Inside his own private box, the man eyes her. A woman with a flare points it down and the horses run out of the gates. Guetta and the man attend the race. Guetta, with a black hoodie is on edge while people cheer. The other man stands up in his seat, detached from the action while the young woman is behind in the pack. However, as she pulls ahead, the other man’s jaw drops. He yells out in frustration.

Once the young woman is announced as the winner, the champagne bottles are brought out and people dance in the club. She and Guetta embrace as people toast her unanticipated victory.


Rating: 3.5/5

While not as strong as Lux Davis’ other efforts, it does have an empowering storyline. The determined young woman tries to get Guetta to listen to her but he does not. When he loses, she decides to take charge. No one takes her seriously and she is expected to fail. As Guetta gets to know her, he begins to have faith and falls for her. When she does win, it’s an earned ending. She proved everybody wrong.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2015


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