Video Review: Jordan Knight “Give It To You” 

At the carnival, a young woman hands a sno cone to a customer. She puts both hands down on the booth and looks down, thinking he didn’t even really notice her. No one cares about the girl with glasses. She cranes her neck, trying to see if her crush will talk to her. Unbeknownst to her, Jordan Knight waits by the booth.

By the ferris wheel, the dancers perform a choreographed ballroom routine and then they leave. Knight, dressed in a black jacket, white sweater and khakis, dances.

While walking around, he spots the young woman at the sno cone booth. He gives a smile. Shy, she looks down. Meanwhile, twentysomething people are on the merry-go-round. People put their arms out on the Matterhorn.

At the end of her shift, she throws her hat down on the booth. It’s night time at the carnival. He tosses his jacket and continues the dance routine. A friend of his stops him and says his girl is coming over. His sweet, shy girl has changed out of her boring work uniform and is now wearing a glittery, red tube top and wearing contacts. She puts a cigarette to her lips as Knight salivates, walking towards to her. She stamps out the cigarette with her heel. He tries to hold her hand but she knocks it away. At the ferris wheel, he grinds against her, his eyes on her chest.

He wants to impress her. He grabs the large hammer and hits it hard. The bell lights up and rings. He raises his hands in victory. She gives him a hug. They dance again. He puts his arms by her chest, almost trying to grab her breasts. She smiles and pulls her back. He embraces her.


Rating: 1/5

Jordan Knight liked the shy girl but when he saw the sexy version of her, his true horndog self couldn’t contain himself. It feeds into the stereotype of shy women that all must have a wild side to them. It’s the one of the ultimate male fantasies come to life.

Meanwhile, nothing about Knight changes. He remains in the same clothes. The young woman is lucky that she got his attention to begin with, considering that his requirement is that he’s hot. It’s a double standard that is glaring even in the 90s. The carnival seems fun, though.

Director: Darren Grant  Year: 1999


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