Video Review: Maroon 5 “Animals”

A young woman (Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine’s wife) enters the plastic curtain and waves hello. Levine notices her walk in and stares at her. She tells the butcher that she wants two ham hocks while Levine presses down the meat and hands it over to his co-worker. He stares at her again as she peers into the counter, deciding if she should get something else. As the butcher hands her over her ham hock, she thanks him and leaves. Levine watches her go.

Later that night, he drives to her apartment and stands outside in the pouring rain, hoping for a glance of her. The next day, he follows her as she walks. Sensing someone is behind her, she turns her head to the side. Levine hides by a closed store.

Back at home, he has thousands of black-and-white pictures of her strung up. He cuts out any random people and leaves the photo of just her. The photos are her walking, sitting outside her apartment. She looks outside the window, smoking a cigarette. He takes out his camera and begins his own private photo shoot.

Before his shift, he likes to hang out in the among the meat carcasses. With a small knife, he digs into his leg. Then, he takes off his white tank top and rubs the blood over his chest. He hangs his arm up as though he’s on the meat hook.

The young woman stands naked in the mirror and then goes to bed. She tosses and turns in her bed, unable to get to sleep. From up above, he hides and takes more photos of her. During the night, he climbs down and sleeps in the bed with her. He wants to touch her so badly.

He thinks she might still be wired from dancing all night at the club. She did drink more than usually does. She’s a friend of the bouncer and he lets her in every single time. All he has to do is say he’s with her and the bouncer believes him. She was celebrating with her friends. They clinked their glasses of wine and talked. He finally gathered up the courage to talk to her. He stood by her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and he smiled. But she continued to talk with her friends. She moved closer to her friends. He tapped her on the shoulder again. She turns around and ignores him. He looks down at his glass, humiliated.

He imagines them making love. Then, standing together, kissing as blood pours on them.


                   Rating: 3/5

While the single romanticizes an obsessive love, the video clearly villianizes it. The troubled man, played by Levine, has future murderer all over him. From standing outside her apartment window, collecting thousands of photos and finally, crawling into her bed while she’s sleeping, he’s intended to make her his. However, she has zero interest in him. However, he believes the fantasies in his head are real as he imagines them having sex. If she wakes up one day and tries to defend herself, he will likely kill her.

The video serves as a teaching moment even if it thinks it’s too cool to say it. If anything, it shows that women have to protect themselves and be careful. Levine does hit on her but she doesn’t acknowledge him. She is not obligated to do so at all. But Levine believes he is owed something. How should a woman handle the situation? It’s an implied question being asked and there isn’t any right or wrong answer.

Director: Samuel Bayer  Year: 2014

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