Video Review: Audien & Lady Antebellum “Something Better”

With his arms behind his head, he looks up at the stars. He wanted to see into the world and decided after eating dinner, he find the nearest park and gaze up into the sky. He notices a shooting star and stands up. As he watches it land about a mile away, he decides to pursue it.

Meanwhile, the government has taken note and is tracking the star’s movement. Officials are talking over their walkie-talkies, exchanging coordinates. In the area, they walk around with their flashlights, searching the perimeter. A young woman looks over her shoulder, breathing hard as they men enclose on her. She takes off and they chase her in the forest.

The young man brakes suddenly. The young woman is standing in the street, covering her eyes from the blinding headlights. Scared, she looks up at him and then towards the forest. She runs to the young man.

Inside the his pick up truck, which the government is now tracking, she looks out the window. He stares at her and sighs. She looks at him and he checks to make sure she’s okay. He gives more of the blanket to cover herself.

She looks around his home, feeling a pair of his jeans with her fingers. She sees a mirror and touches her hands to her face. Then she brings her hands up, studying their movements. She touches the mirror, expecting a shock but receives none. In his room, she sees a display of the planets and finds her own. As the officials approach, the house shakes and she closes her eyes.

Thinking she might be hungry, he raids his refrigerator and grabs whatever he can find: chips, vegetables, fruit. However, when he gets upstairs, he is stunned to see that she has created the stars in front of him. The government officials opens his door and race up the stairs. They uncover his bed. Together, they run outside by his barn. Blocked, the officials have them surrounded. He feels as though he let her down. She adjusts his flannel jacket and touches his cheek. He closes his eyes, knowing she forgives him. With about a dozen flashlights on her, she stands away from him and closes her eyes. She turns into light and speeds back into the sky.

The next day, he sits on his pick-up truck and looks the blue sky in the daylight, wondering if she is looking for him somewhere.


         Rating: 4/5

A young man discovers something bigger than himself – love. He had always wondered what was out there, if there was anything beyond the sky. Now, he has his answer. However, it’s not about science. As he watches the government officials try to capture her, he sees a real human underneath, wanting something beyond her own world, too. But reality puts a stop to it.

While aliens have become a more common character in music videos, each one offers its own theory. For Audien, it’s possibility. At some point, people feel limited and trapped by their world, seeing no escape from it. The young man gets to witness it firsthand that he could leave, explore the country more. He may not have super powers to be able to fly into the sky at will but he could study astronomy, find a way to get involved with space. Maybe he will move around the country, searching for her and awaiting her return to him.

     Director: Will Joines Year: 2015

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