Video Review: Nelly & Jeremih “The Fix”

A phone rings inside an office. A woman waits on the couch. Further in the office, a woman files paperwork in the cabinet. The receptionist says to a patient, Miss Jackson, that Nelly is now ready for their appointment.

Nelly’s assistant drops off some mixed drinks and puts on the table. While Miss Jackson talks, Nelly cleans his glasses. He puts his glasses back on and continues to listen to her. He tells her to close her eyes.

Outside of Nelly’s office, Jeremih joins him, wearing a red jacket and sunglasses, hat and a chain around his neck.

She envisions herself having an orgasm. Nelly snaps his fingers and she opens her eyes. He decides a much more relaxed atmosphere is needed. He takes off his suit jacket and sits across from her on the couch, explaining his diagnosis. She tells him her issues. He puts his finger on his chin, thinking how to solve her dilemma. After another exercise where she closes her eyes, he taps his arm, signaling that their time is up.

The receptionist calls the next patient.

Rating: 3.5/5

For a video about sex, there is hardly any visual representation of it. There are television shows with more sex in the last three minutes of their episodes than the entire video. It’s a professional office and Nelly is in a suit. He could be a lawyer, if the lyrics didn’t say otherwise. Meanwhile, Miss Jackson is dressed appropriately also. She may as well be headed to a dinner party after the appointment. If the sound were on mute, it would give the impression of a therapist and patient falling for each other. Somehow, that scenario is far racier. Suggestion is rarely used that it’s rather surprising when it is.

Director: Aristotle  Year: 2015

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