Video Review: Toni Braxton “Spanish Guitar”

In her pool, she waves her hands around, thinking of the café she went to last night. There, a handsome Latin man was playing his music. It was such a beautiful song. She couldn’t even pay attention to the conversation she was having.

At her home, she looks outside her window of her bedroom, overlooking the beach. She thinks of him on her bed, touching her stomach as gently as he pressed the strings on his guitar. He kisses her shoulder while she holds his head. He rubs her body, starting from her thighs to her shoulders and kisses her neck. She rolls her head, feeling her neck, at the thought of such pleasure.

Back at the café, he sits on a white bench in the center while people around him talk and dance. Meanwhile, she sits on her red couch, uncomfortable and sexually frustrated. She thinks of him walking into her home, shirtless, whispering sweet nothings in Spanish. They fall onto her white bed, showered with rose petals. Rose petals swirl around their torso, covering their private parts as she presses her bare chest to his.

Against a background of a purple porch cutout, he swings her in arms as they dance.

In her bed, she sleeps with Latin man’s guitar next to her.


Rating: 4/5

With her vivid imagination, Toni Braxton can land the guy. The intense longing in her eyes and the red dress, she will win him over. The fantasy will become reality. Braxton’s steamy fantasies are fully charged and liberating. She is a woman who enjoys sex and craves it. The lack of it from the person she desires makes her antsy. It’s as though she’s in some serious, emotional pain. To see an adult woman owning her sexuality without treating herself as an object is a powerful moment.

Director: Billie Woodruff  Year: 2000


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