Video Review: Tatyana Ali & Will Smith “Boy You Knock Me Out”

The alarm goes off and the cat, curled up beside Tatyana Ali, jumps off the bed. In a daze, she wakes up. When she gets up, she presses the button on her alarm. The cat has headed into the kitchen and sitting on the counter, drinking milk. She pours herself some coffee and looks outside the window. Venturing on the balcony, she watches the people going off to work.

Outside, she and her friends are performing a choreographed routine. Meanwhile, her boyfriend steps out to get some fresh air. He sees her and grins. She waves hi to him.

She says goodbye to the doorman and hails a cab. In the next cab, her boyfriend says “hey.” She smiles and laughs. Changing into another outfit, she poses for the photographer. Her boyfriend watches in the background. During a break, he takes her aside and whispers in her ear. She heads to laundromat and her boyfriend asks her if she’s going to join him at the gym today.

At the boxing gym, she and her dancers perform near the ring. Her boyfriend hits the punching bag. In the locker room, she swoons. Will Smith then playfully bumps into her. She holds onto Smith’s ears as they move to the music.

In the ring, she’s in one corner, giving him a jokingly mean look. He’s in the other corner, pretending to be tough. They pretend to spar. At the end, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. He touches his cheek and grins.

Back in the locker room, she throws a towel at Smith and laughs.

 Rating: 2/5

It’s simply there and every so often, her celebrity will overpower the normal girl aspect. The photo shoot appears out of nowhere and thankfully, doesn’t last that long. Then, in the middle of the video, Will Smith pops up, reminding everyone that she’s a teen star. It undermines everything else (except the photo shoot). There’s not enough separation from Tatyana Ali, actress to Tatyana Ali, singer. The video tries to have it both ways and it doesn’t work.

     Director: N/A  Year: 1998


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