Video Review: Tory Lanez “Say It”

While hanging out on his best friend’s stoop, he and his friends talk. A friend of theirs says hello and takes a water bottle. She sits in between Lanez and their other friend. Lanez stops the conversation and points to his next door neighbor. He decides to talk to her.

When he approaches her, she rolls her eyes and asks him what he wants. His friends watch and comment. His one friend shakes his head, thinking it’s not going well. Lanez tries to convince her to text him. He says it’s up to her and hands her his phone. She enters in her phone number and hands it over to him, hoping it will appease him. He tells her to have a good day as she walks inside her house.

On the rooftop, he looks down at New York City. Meanwhile, his crush looks at her phone, the text message screen open. She begins her type her message. While driving home, he sees her walking and says hello. She stops and talks to him. He steps out of the car and holds her. He opens the door for her and they head back to their neighborhood. For a while, they talk on the fire escape.

After playing some basketball, he jokes with her by the chain link fence. He whispers in her ear and she continues to laugh. They take a walk.

After a lot more texting and several dates, he invites her to meet his friends. On the rooftop, they have a party and get to know her. One of his friends reads the text from Lanez’s crush. His friends congratulate him on landing a great girl. After returning downstairs to freshen up, she embraces a friend of his at the party. Then, they leave in his SUV. He puts his hands on his head, thinking he screwed up. However, another girl friend  asks for the keys of his sports car. She gets in the driver’s side and they talk.


Rating: 5/5

Tory Lanez has fallen hard for his neighbor. She regarded him as a pest. However, after some talking, she got to know him and they have a great relationship.Nonethless, it’s not without some drama. She had something going on with Lanez’s friend and it doesn’t seem finished yet, leaving Lanez hurt. Added to it, his friend doesn’t seem to care at all.

In the genre, men don’t get hurt. They have multitudes of women. She can be replaced. However, he clearly cares for her. The relationship has substance and Lanez has proven to be a decent guy that it’s tough to see him heartbroken. When he does get his happy ending, it’s deserved. The video does tack on an extra two minutes or so for character development. In the first minute or so, the tight-knit friendship is formed and could have it own backstory. It’s enough information to gather what the neighborhood is like and generally, even though it’s a big city, people still know each other.

Also thanks to Eric, who pointed out that it was Lanez’s friend sending the texts. After a second look, I bumped it up another star due to the misinterpreted details.

Director: Walu  Year: 2015


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7 thoughts on “Video Review: Tory Lanez “Say It”

  1. That’s not at all what happened. You missed a lot. Everything you missed is what makes the video a solid 5/5. His friend was the one sending the texts not diamond.

    1. The video doesn’t provide a close-up on it, which for me, caused confusion during my first couple viewings.

      I’m thinking she was flirting with him behind Lanez’s back. Some hint would’ve been helpful. I don’t think it would’ve affected the betrayal at the end.

  2. Corrections:
    First on the stoop his female friend that comes out takes a Arizona fruit punch from one of the other friends. Diamond only seemed interested after he got the car rental. I knew there was some shady mess was going on when they didn’t go onto the party together. Diamond leaves with one of the other guys from the party(not one of his original friends from the stoop… His female friend from the stoop sends him 2 messages. The first saying Say it and the 2nd message says Show it.

  3. What actually happened is Tory’s homegirl has a crush on him so she set up the plan and hire that Beamer guy (she also rented that 2015 BMW 7 series for the plan as yall can see at 1:32) to prove that Diamond (Torys crush) is just a gold digger who would go w another dude that drive foreign car as well. PS. Yall can notice that ring shes wearing is the one who texting and how that homegirl act the whole time thats the prove.
    Thx me later

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