Video Review: Becky G  “Shower”

On Becky G’s blanket are three Cover Girl lipsticks and her sunglasses. She reads her messages on her phone while sitting on her bed. She jumps on her bed. After changing her outfit, she leaves her house.

Meanwhile, in a random room, two girls are sitting at the table. One girl is holding paper lips to her mouth while another is pressing a plastic eye to her eye. She is shown sleeping on her pillow with her blanket in front of her but then two people remove it and she continues to walk to her next destination.

At her friend’s house, she is sitting on the end of the couch with two guys next to her, watching television. She talks to one of the guys and then they all take a group photo.

With her clothes on, she walks in the shower and begins to run her hair through the water.

Later that night, she and her friends dance around with sparklers. The showerhead is put on a stage with some strung lights on the set. She swings her wet hair around.

Her friend brings out a birthday cake and she takes those candles out. The friend takes a long sip of CORE. Two of her friends swim in the pool. Then, they play chicken. However, everyone falls into the pool. She grabs some food in a napkin, showing it off to her friend.

She’s sitting at the pool. However, the frame tips her backward while two of her friends swim by. Then, two pools are shown against each other while three girls sing along with the lyrics while swimming.

Her friends dance around her in a circle with their sparklers while she stands in the center. Meanwhile, her crush waits for her and walks towards the center. She turns and sees him, smiling. They hug.


           Rating: 3/5

The video has a lot going for it: a sunny vibe, some nifty tricks, a summer romance. But when it decides to head for the cliché like putting Becky G in an actual shower in a white mesh shirt or promoting the products it she advertises, it begins to degrade her.

Seeing her get ready for the day, with all the promise of being young, she hangs out at her friend’s house. There, they talk and hang out. They throw a birthday party for her and then during the Fourth of July, they get out their sparklers and dance around. It’s then she finally goes out with her crush. In between, the camera tips backward and tries to show the image of the pool in a different way. The pool becomes the best and lasting image of the video, being the source of fun and friendship.

Then, it begins to go wrong. Her friend takes a very long sip from the CORE bottle. She walks into the shower, letting herself get drenched in a white mesh shirt that becomes see- through. It’s objectifying for any female singer. However, she’s 17 years old and it becomes really problematic. First, she has every right to and it is her choice. However, she’s still young It’s disappointing to see a young woman with some talent already resort to the wet t-shirt gimmick to get attention.

The constant advertising of products only emphasizes more that she’s only a spokeswoman and not actually a singer. Today, people are brands and by doing this, it may be getting her some cash, but in the long-term, it devalues her.

Director: N/A Year: 2014


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