Video Review: Thomas Rhett “Die A Happy Man” 

After the sunrise, he sits on the porch and plays his guitar. He begins to write a song about how he and his girlfriend drank wine and danced on the porch. As she comes outside to get the paper, she has a cup of coffee in her hand. She stops to smile at him and goes back inside. On their front lawn, she plays Frisbee with their dog.

He thinks of all their fantastic memories. One summer day, they hiked through the forest. She was amazed at the height of the trees and climbed some of the branches. She spotted a vine and wanted to swing it. He lifted her up.

Earlier in the spring, they rode horses on the beach. She walked into the water and he followed her. In the water, they kissed. Not too long ago, they went fishing on his boat. She poured the last of her beer over him. He spat it out at her. There, they clinked their beers and took in the view of the mountains. They bike together.

Watching the Fourth of July fireworks earlier in the summer as a moment he’ll remember. Some days, they swing on the hammock. On their kayaking trip, they talked and swam. However, she decided to tip them over. He holds her as they swing on the hammock.


Rating: 4/5

It’s an Instagram worthy relationship determined to make everyone jealous. They are the couple who tags each other in every photo and posts pictures of their trips. Nonetheless, there is sincerity in their moments. Drinking beer together while fishing brings out their friendship part of their relationship. He really does love her. They are a playful couple, which makes it easier to believe. They are the couple real ones aspire to be (while annoying their Facebook friends in the process.)

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2015

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