Video Review: Meghan Trainor & John Legend “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

As the rain pours outside, Meghan Trainor lights a candle in remembrance of a friend she loved. Today hit her particularly hard. She took out every candle she could find, turned off the lights and lit every candle. On her shelves, there about more than a dozen candles. She looks out the window, thinking of the last time she saw her friend.

A young couple comes out of their apartment with solemn faces. He hugs his girlfriend. Another couple caught out in the rain holding newspapers over their heads. In the rain, a mother cradles a baby in her arms. The baby smiles. An older man has an umbrella in one hand and his dog in another. A couple waits out in the rain in the car. After some bickering, the wife kisses her husband. A granddaughter and her grandmother take a walk. On the bus, a lesbian couple embraces.

In the pouring rain, John Legend sits on the fire escape, knowing he has to do say something to Trainor or regret it later. He makes his way to her apartment and puts his hand on the window. They at look at each other through the window.

Another couple stands out in the rain. However, part of the guy’s leg has amputated. They watch the sky as she holds onto him, trying to keep him steady. Legend and Trainor put their hands together through the window.

The rain has stopped. People have put down their umbrellas or wet newspapers. Legend opens up the window and offers Trainor her hand. She takes it and together, they stand outside on the balcony.

The sunlight returns and the people view the rainbow. The mom holding her baby is glad for the storm to be over. Trainor smiles and looks at the now clear sky.


            Rating: 3/5

The rain may symbolize trying times but it’s not enough for the couples to stand there and let the point get across. For the granddaughter and grandmother as well as the well as the older man and his dog, the future is uncertain. The sense of spending time together now is all in the relationship. They do not have to do much.

With the exception of the lesbian couple and the wounded boyfriend, the other couples exist but don’t serve any real purpose. They are already together and there doesn’t seem to be any conflict. The mom and her baby is the most of out of place. For her and the baby, life has just begun. The future exists. Without any backstory, it ends up being a manipulative choice to include them.

The lesbian couple, though, have discrimination and possible violence to face. Holding each other on a bus is brave, considering that it could led to them getting hurt. The woman holding her wounded boyfriend exemplifies the song’s theme. Once it’s revealed that part of his leg is gone, the message home. A bit narrower focus and fewer people would’ve strengthened the video more.

Director: Constellation Jones  Year: 2015

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