Video Review: Katharine McPhee “Love Story”

In a short, canary yellow dress, she has her back towards the camera and swings her hips. She turns around, giving the audience a pouty look. Behind her, the guitarist strums his guitars and the background singers perform. The lights flash back and forth. She arches her back in time with the music.

The first time she met her crush it was back in high school. They didn’t really talk much. When they graduated, they went both their separate ways. She would hear what he was up to through a mutual friend but didn’t really think anything of it. However, it wasn’t until their mutual friend invited her to a birthday party that she gave him a second look. As she was sipping her wine, she found her gaze drifting to him. She and her best friend clink glasses. He chats with his friend next to him. Finally, he stares at her and they have their first moment. After the half minute, they continue to their conversations. However, she is thinking of how to approach him.

On another stage, she sits on a couch, wearing a black beret and black dress.

Behind a white square and black background, it’s just her and background singers singing.

They have another moment. She crawls across the dinner table and then puts her finger in the frosting, licking it off her finger. She rolls over and scooches on her back until she is underneath his face. Her best friend knocks her arm while she is staring at him, twirling her hair.

However, it doesn’t stop her of thinking of him kissing her neck while at work. She quickly finds a door and inside the supply closet, they make out.

Back onstage, she runs around in her high heels and gives the camera smile.


              Rating: 3.5/5

After her singing career fizzled out, Katharine McPhee went into television instead, which can be viewed as parlaying her fame into something that would allow her to continue to be in the public eye. If it weren’t for acting, it would’ve been something else.

Upon viewing the video, she has a physicality to her that is both instinctive and natural. She genuinely likes to perform. Venturing into acting makes absolute sense. She stumbles on the sex kitten appeal while on her hands and knees on the table, though. She salvages it while in the hallway, though by the end. Not many failed pop singers get another chance to reach their full potential but for McPhee it seems to be a blessing, allowing her to do more with her talent.

Director: Marcus Raboy  Year: 2007

Katharine McPhee – Love Story


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