Video Review: Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger “Let Me Go” 

A man outside rakes the leaves that have fallen on his driveway. He takes off his hat and with a rag, wipes the sweat off his face. After putting the rake away, he walks back in the house.

Inside, Avril Lavigne runs her hand on the royal blue couch. She plays the piano, her favorite activity back when she lived there. She walks down the hallway. Absolutely nothing has changed since she was alive. He kept it the way it was.

He walks down the hallway and out of the cabinet, he gets his suit. It was what we wore when he got married. He picks up the guitar, which he hasn’t been able to play. But sometimes he can still hear her music. He sits in the living room and faces the piano as though he were still playing with her. In the mirror, the old man’s face turns into Chad Kroeger’s.

On the couch, she looks through his iPad, wanting to see pictures of her nieces and nephews. A video begins to play of Kroeger. Her eyes well up and she puts it down. She puts her hand to her heart and reaches out.

The sand in the hourglass is falling fast. Kroeger, knowing the time is limited, looks at the piano, worried she will fade away. He looks at it again. They only have a half hour left. Another look: fifteen minutes.

He smashes the hourglass and walks towards Lavigne. He puts his hands on her shoulders as she plays, grateful for the moment. He walks backwards and she reaches for his hand.

She lies back down on the couch and with her fingers touches the couch as though it were the piano. The hourglass gets put back together again. He returns to the cabinet, takes off his suit jacket and puts on his regular clothes.

Lavigne puts her hand to her heart, glad for another chance to see him again.


Rating: 5/5

It’s a moving video. Lavigne can’t leave her old house. Her spirit is there. As long as her husband hangs onto her, it keeps her real. The magic hourglass connects them, letting them be their young selves again. However, it hurts him to still see her. The hourglass is both a blessing and a curse. She has seen the hourglass be broken before. Each time, it repairs itself. Neither have been able to move on and are doomed to repeat the scenario until they learn. The tragedy that ended their love looms over the house.

As a real-life couple, their relationship translates onscreen. When Kroeger holds onto her shoulders and she leans into him, the affection is natural, based on actual feeling. Whatever passion they had for each other is felt while deepening the storyline at the same time. Losing each other is something they will never get over.

Director: Christopher Sims  Year: 2013


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