Video Review: Zara Larsson “Lush Life (US Version)”

Inside a pastel blue house, Zara Larsson’s blonde hair is down and she’s wearing an olive green dress. Shots of her are shown in a different background wearing a jacket. Also, her crush gives her a pouty look as it transitions to another segment inside a restaurant.

Behind a sea green background, she claps her hands, wearing a varsity jacket with an eagle on it. Four backup dancers face backwards. As she claps, the dancers go away and she is surrounded by four people clapping around her. Meanwhile, little white stars emanate from her claps.

Then, the square gets smaller, resized to half the screen and she dances.

Against a pale pink background, she plays on baby blue stairs, wearing a mustard yellow jacket, blue bralette and a red mini-skirt. Some dancersare  with her on the steps.

Back at the cut-out house, she puts her hands over mouth and gasps. Alongside the porch, the dancers perform their routine.

At the futuristic restaurant, her crush tilts his head to other side. Also, behind a lavender background, he talks to her while she stands there, doing nothing.

On the stage, the background alternates between red and blue as she and dancers perform their routine. The background turns lavender while everyone’s profile becomes a silhouette. Meanwhile, she is shown alone, the backgrounds changing from yellow, pink and green. One garish background includes plastic palm trees, building on some lost desert theme.

The dancers finally get their chance to shine, first behind a yellow background and then kelly green.

Back at the futuristic restaurant, her image blurs as she meets her crush, who tilts his head again. She whips her hair around the lasers and electric palm trees. It’s as though Rainforest Café went bankrupt, tried to restructure itself as an adult restaurant, lost money half way into it and had to resort putting glitter on its old decorations to make it look new again. Her iridescent jacket and mini-skirt with black crop top, though, is a neat outfit. Her crush puts his head down.

Against a yellow background, with a moving red stars border, she makes some hand movements.


          Rating: 1/5

It’s an idea of what an US version of a music video is supposed to be. There are silhouettes, pastel backgrounds and lots of dancing (how many Ariana Grande music videos did the director watch?). Nonetheless, these are trends that were happening last year in US videos, making Larsson already behind the times.

Unfortunately, it seems as though money is running out to promote Larsson and the previous version wasn’t considered good enough, so something had to be done in order to help hit superstar status. However, expectations need to be dialed down. She isn’t ever going to hit Taylor Swift status or even Ke$ha. It’s more along the lines of DJ Sammy and D.H.T.

Director: Mary Clerte Year: 2016

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