Video Review: Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

In New York City, Charlie Puth wakes up in the morning and looks outside the hotel room window. He flops back on his bed. He looks up at the ceiling, wondering. His gets his phone out of his pocket and checks it. He reads his last text message from his ex and considers asking her how she’s doing. He deletes what he types.

He heads to the bathroom and brushes his teeth. After getting dressed, he gets his suitcase and rolls it down the hallway. Then, he walks in the city to the studio. There, he has his photo shoot. As the hairstylist fixes his hair, he thumbs through the photos of his phone, which are of his ex-girlfriend. He assistant puts sugar in his coffee. He drinks his coffee and then looks at his phone, debating to call Stacy. It inspires him to write. He plays the piano and records it to his computer. He bops his head to the music, liking what he is hearing.

His driver brings his car up front. He sits in the back, with sunglasses on and watches the city pass by.

Meanwhile, a dinosaur is on the windowsill of his ex’s Stacy apartment (Selena Gomez does not appear, hence Stacy instead) and the sunlight pours inside. However, Stacy lies on her side, thinking. She picks up her phone from the nightstand and checks to see if she as any messages. She texts her boyfriend.

In the bathroom, she runs her hands through her hair, checks her teeth and then applies her lipstick. She runs down the stairs and then walks in the city. At the park, she takes pictures of her friends while they have a picnic. She grabs some chips from a plastic bowl and chats with her friend.

At a café, she meets her boyfriend. When he has gone to the bathroom, she thinks of calling her Puth. He continues to talk her and she doesn’t say much. With her hand on her chin, she listens. Her boyfriend rubs his hand over her own. After they finish, she takes the steps for the subway. She passes through the turnstile and waits for her train. She sits in her seat, spiritless. She picks her phone again and thumbs through photos with her ex.

At the bar, he drinks with his friends. His girlfriend sings karaoke and tells him to get up there. He grabs the microphone and sings along, shaking his shoulders to the music. His girlfriend sings again and he shakes his microphone. While he hugs his girlfriend, he checks to see if he has any messages on his phone. He and his girlfriend talk and then she kisses him. He says his goodbyes and walks in the city.

Back on the subway, she rides into the city again. She walks down the street and finds a quiet place and cries. At the restaurant, her friends toast her on her birthday. She laughs as her boyfriend sits next to her, beaming. Her friend brings out the birthday cake and gives her a hug. She and her boyfriend hug. He leans into her, touching his nose with hers. They kiss. She says her goodbyes and rides her bike.

He returns to his hotel room and flops on his bed. Also back at her apartment, she flops on her bed. They both check their phones and look through photos of when they were together. She thinks of sending him a message. He decides to wish her a happy birthday. She receives the message and flops back down on his bed. With their phones next them, they sleep.


    Rating: 5/5

By giving a side-by-side perspective, people can view their lives now and through photos see how they were a year ago. Neither seem happy, though. Puth seems closer to be admitting it. He can have fun with his friends but once his girlfriend is involved, his mind is somewhere else. He doesn’t actually seem to love her, just dating her to pass time.

She is trying to tough it out and move on. But she still thinks of her ex. She loves her boyfriend, or at least she’s trying to but it’s gotten harder lately. She wants to be happy and can’t understand why she’s not. Hopefully, the “happy birthday’ he sent will get them talking again. There is so much sadness and wondering between them, it keeps them connected even though they are apart.

    Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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