Video Review: Maria “I Give, You Take”

Maria puts her back against the wall. Her boyfriend, shirtless, walks towards her and kisses her neck. As he kisses her, she stares off into space. He led her to his bed.

After they have sex, she leaves and he hooks the chain up to lock his apartment. She touches the wall with her hand and then leans against, ready to sob. She wants to go back home and write a song on her piano. She wanders her apartment, not knowing what to do. She sits at her piano to calm herself.

In her family room, she watches on four televisions memories that they shared, back before it was completely about sex. She touches the television at the very top, watching when she told him her greatest fear and he comforted her.

She lies on her bed, tossing and turning. The bathroom door opens and she’s inside, taking a bath to relax. At one point, her boyfriend’s hand rests on her shoulder. But it’s less than 30 seconds and the hand disappears.

At the piano, she rests her head. He walks in the door and puts his hand on her shoulder. She puts her hand over his. However, it was only a fantasy. She removes her hand from her piano and stares down at the floor.


        Rating: 2/5

Maria is in some emotional pain. But other than gesturing wildly around in her apartment and looking sad, she doesn’t do much. She wears a low-cut white dress that nearly shows her breasts, including the sides. When in the bath, she has to cover her breasts again. The constant focus on her breasts gets tiresome.

There is nothing to relationship. It’s only physical, which is pointed out. The video relies too much on Maria to carry it, which is something she isn’t able to do. When she wishes that he would be there to comfort her, the video picks up some. However, it only happens twice. The first is in the bathtub and it’s only his hand. It’s so quick that it’s barely noticeable. It’s at the end that when he shows up, she wishes their relationship could be different. Finally, the video begins to pick up some more on their relationship and developing it. But it’s over.

     Director: N/A  Year: 2003


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