Video Review: Ashley Parker Angel “Let U Go”

The music begins and an empty microphone waits. After three seconds, Ashley Parker Angel walks up to the microphone and puts his mouth close it, which it will remain for the full 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Other than two or three seconds, he takes the microphone away, he has a firm grip on it.

In a family room, he and his band rehearse the song. He plays his guitar and taps his foot to the music. The room begins to shake, leading it to a collapse to theatre. There, fans watch him on the balcony and sing along. Angel’s face gets snarly and bitter as he remembers the horrible girl who dumped him. The house lights turn blue as his broken heart. The crowd jumps up and down around him. One girl admires his beauty that still pulls through that won’t be shamed by the shaggy hair.

The lights flash on and off as the band plays and Angel is wants to cry. The crowd disappears and his band leaves. Angel is in the middle of the street, playing his guitar. Behind him, a marquee reads: Ashley Parker, One Night Only, Sold Out. He looks around, wondering where all the people went. The lights turn off and he walks to his car.


Rating: 1/5

Don’t fight the pretty, Ashley Parker Angel. His angsty makeover is a true denial of who really is: a handsome man who should be singing ballads about how wonderful women are and that he has no intentions of hurting them. The shaggy blonde hair of angst isn’t convincing anyone, by the way. His pained expressions and obvious woe, leftover emoting from his boyband days, can’t be hidden beneath his hair.

Director: N/A  Year: 2006

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