Video Review: Hilary Duff “Stranger”

In her nightgown, Hilary Duff runs down the hallway. The front door shuts. When she does open the front door, her husband has sped away in his sports car. Pictures of them are throughout the house.

She thinks of when she visited him at work and brought him lunch. A blonde woman was sitting on his lap. She stood there, hand on her hip and watched as the blonde woman walked past her, smirked at her and went back to her desk.

At home, she holds one of his cufflinks. It was a 3 year anniversary gift and he had just gotten promoted at his job.

It was a dinner party that they held last month that really made her think.

In front of their friends and family, he kisses her on the side of her forehead. Then, he gaze moved towards another woman that he has been talking to lately. He raised a toast to her, calling her the love of his life and an amazing woman. She gave him a hug. Then, he walked towards the woman and felt her thigh underneath the table. She watches her husband as he talks quietly with the other woman. Once he notices her looking, he stops.

One of her friends confronted the woman and told her that he was taken and to leave him alone. Then, she whispered to Duff what was going on. She got up from her chair and made her presence known to the woman. She introduced herself and shook her hand. Then, she asked some of her friends how the party was going and if they were having fun. She watches as he and the other woman sway to the music.

After that, she decided to follow him. She found him at a strip club, making a deal. When a stripper came up to him and put her leg on the table, he looked up at her. She had to turn her head away, unable to watch him film the stripper on his phone.

The next morning, she can’t even look at him while he sleeps to her in bed. She looks out the window, wondering how to handle the situation.

Later that night, she and her girlfriends go out to the club that he frequents. While in a shiny, metallic dress, she leans against her husband. However, when he tries to kiss her, she walks away and dances with another man. Shocked, he can only stand there. After the guy goes away, she and her friends dance. He gives her a dirty look and leaves.

They argued that entire week. He shouted that she was spying on him and she screamed that it wasn’t the only time and if were an actual man, she wouldn’t have to investigate his behavior. He left the house for a week. Then, one day during work, she received a text message from him, asking if they could meet. He gave her a kiss on the head when he saw her and they talked over coffee. But once his phone rang, he took it near the bathroom. Disgusted, she can’t believe she actually thought he meant he wanted their marriage to work.

She thinks of when they would sit on the porch together. He would let her rest her legs on his lap. They would talk about everything. He would kiss her.

She takes her suitcases that she hid in the closet and leaves. He gets up, quickly, noticing she isn’t there.


Rating: 5/5

The dinner party scene is superb. He is making a big show of their marriage and then is subtly flirting with another woman. She sees them talk and from then on, the tension builds. When she introduces herself to the other woman and then tries to pass it off as greeting everyone else, she is control of the situation. However, her husband refuses to behave and flaunts his mistress right in front of her.

Teasing him at the club and then dancing with another man was the perfect revenge. Of course he didn’t like it. When she does leave him, it’s empowering for her. She will no longer tolerate being disrespected.

Director: Fatima Robinson  Year: 2007


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