Video Review: RedOne “Don’t You Need Somebody”

Against brick wall with graffiti, Mr. Brainwash raises his hands and says hello. Behind a red background, Akon smiles and dances, putting his fingers to his lips. Cristinao Ronaldo, in an office, wears headphones. RedOne and his son sit in the studio.

With her phone, Milla Jovoich films herself. Backstage in her dressing room, Jennifer Lopez sits in her chair. On a bed, Shaggy, in sunglasses, points to his chest. In their studio, R City dance to the music. Max Schneider takes a break from his keyboard and dances. Seryah, with headphones on, records his part of the song in the studio. At the radio station, Momo, wearing a camouflage baseball cap waves her finger at the camera.

In a flannel shirt and behind a graffitied wall, Perez Hilton dances. At his microphone, Ryan Seacrest gestures with his hands to the lyrics. Sitting in a silver chair, Randy Jackson puts his hands to chest, imploring the audience please, please not to say “dawg.”

Against a multi-colored background, Priyanka Chopra pops out her eyes and chops the beat. Bianca Heinicke sits on her bed, smiling. Maitre Gims prays, Krisitna Bazan puts the camera to her face and rests her hand on her chin.By a tree, The Band Perry film themselves. Split into three screens, Mezut Ozil points. Mr. Brainwash holds a red heart balloon. In another split screen, James Robinson, in a grey shirt smiles. On the street, Dave Stewart plays guitar while daughter, Kaya Stewart sings. Kevin McHale makes a knocking gesture. By the water, Rafeal Nadal bounces. Tal, in an olive green tank top touches her breasts. On a football field, David Luizm Matiuidi and Josh Norman sway. On his boat, Alex Sparrow moves his hands. At the club, Jay McGuinness pumps his arms while Aliona Vilani stands there.

Aseel Omran sits on a bench, sets her phone on the ground and films herself at the best angle. Thanh Bui stands in the middle of the road in a residential neighborhood. With a big, foam microphone Ali B points and tosses the foam microphone around the studio. Inside his living room. Jean Claude Van Damme moves his body. Kaitlyn Bristowe dances against a maroon wall. In a room, decorated with framed photos, Simobb crosses his hands on his chest. Against an ombre background of pink fading into other colors, John Mamman moves to the side. In his office, Dr. Simon Ourian says the lyrics. Backstage, Howie Mandel puts his phone as close to as possible to his face and mouths “somebody.” Jean Van Damme does a karate chop.


Rating: 3/5

It’s awesome RedOne’s friends helped him out. However, some of the people aren’t widely known and causes more of a “who?” reaction than anything. American Idol alums Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson have restrained segments. However, Ryan Seacrest brings the cheesiness. Priyanka Chopra is annoying with the arm pointing gesture. Bianca Heinecke and Aseel Omran, though, have the most appealing. Heinecke is relaxed in her room while Omran puts her phone at an angle, capturing a skyscraper in the background. It’s a beautiful shot.

Less is more, though. Some people barely get a minute while others get more time. Everyone just gets squeezed in there. After a while, it’s hard to keep track of who is even in the video.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016


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