Video Review: OneRepublic “Wherever I Go” 

It’s 6:00 a.m. A man (Kenneth Choi) reaches to turn off his alarm clock. He lies in bed and looks up the ceiling. There, he sees a sketch of himself. He brushes his teeth. Sitting on his couch, he eats his breakfast. He puts on his shoes after feeding his fish. At the subway, he waits for the train. He stands at the same pole and stares at the new advertisement in the corner. In the elevator, he sniffs his co-worker’s hair. She turns around and he moves back, pretending it never happened. She shakes her head, annoyed with his creepy behavior.

The elevator door opens and he shrugs. On the way to his cubicle, he drops his briefcase in the middle of the hallway. He struts down the aisle, tossing a co-worker’s papers on the floor and then another co-worker’s bag of chips. He stares down at the now empty bag. The man spins and raises his arms. His supervisors block him. However, he stands by them and still performs his dance moves. He skips through them and then join him, as all three flick their wrists together. He points to everyone around the office. His supervisors raise their arms up. His finger stops at a female co-worker, whose blouse magically disappears. She gasps. The entire office has begun to dance on their desks. As he dances on a desk, a co-worker makes sure he gets his bag of chips. He swivels his chair towards his crush. She puts her hands on her shoulders and smiles at him. She wheels him towards a secret passageway.

In the secret passageway, OneRepublic perform. The man is stunned. The room is trimmed in gold and black, with doors everywhere. He wonders if anyone has seen this. By magic, he wheels back inside the office. He stands up and the office is decorated in color. He is now wearing a royal blue suit. The desks are trimmed in teal. Women are wearing pink and red dresses while the men are wearing patterned shirts and brightly colored suits. He points to his crush and she grins. As if on a skateboard, he moves towards her. Around him, papers fly and glass breaks. Both she and the man turn into anime characters as they rotate in a circle, forming hearts with their hands. He jumps in the air.

The elevator dings. People get off on the floor while he stares at his crush. She asks him if this is his floor. He opens his mouth to respond but she walks away. The door closes behind him.


Rating: 4/5

The man is going to snap one day. The drudgery of everyday life is starting to get to him. His life is work, taking care of his fish and coming home. The only thing keeping him sane is fantasizing about a dance-off and impressing his crush, who barely notices he is alive.

Having OneRepublic in the video, though, stops it cold. It’s interrupting the action going on, only to watch the man be amazed and starstruck. At most, it makes it seem as though the man has never experienced anything and only OneRepublic can give him life. The office is the heart of the video and once he returns to it, it picks up again. The anime was an awesome touch, with cutesy heart hand gestures.

Director: Joseph Kahn  Year: 2016


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