Video Review: Ke$ha”Your Love Is My Drug” 

Ke$ha wakes up, in the middle of the desert, and takes a look around. She gazes at her boyfriend, who is still sleeping beside her. She runs in her black boots, cutoff shorts and white t-shirt and then walks around the desert. There, she rides an elephant and crawls on all fours in the sand while wearing a black and white tiger mask.

Her boyfriend meets up with her and when they hold hands, an animated red heart pops up. She gives him a kiss. The heat blurs her face into five and then her boots.On the sand, she and her boyfriend kayak. He rows while she stands up and tells him which direction to steer. Animated sky blue water, inspired by the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, shows up and then waves cascade. He continues to row, unaware of an animated crab chomping by him as well as Ke$ha’s freaked out expression. The animated water consumes them.

Underneath the water, are multi-colored fish float to the surface. One burps out the word “drug” while his lunch, an octopus is in his belly. A deified version of her boyfriend appears but a fish eats him and smiles. When the fish opens its mouth, Ke$ha, now a mermaid, flies out and swims. She reaches the surface and then kisses her boyfriend on the sand.

Back in the desert, she and her boyfriend are taking in the view of the mountains.

Under the black light, Ke$ha is a primitive animal, painted in glow-in-the-dark colors, while she dances around. Meanwhile, two pinwheels float around her before she tosses them away. The pinwheel pattern takes over the entire screen and then fades into the animated desert, with a hot purple sun, wearing a teal visor. The sun moves to a pyramid of Ke$ha, where an elephant and tiger rest. A television sits on a rock.

The screen then folds back to the desert, where the heat has blurred her face again. While camping out, she snuggles up to her boyfriend, giggles and compliments him on his beard.


          Rating: 5/5

The unusual and Ke$ha are meant for each other. She makes the ludicrous plotline for the video seem normal. It’s all in her expression and attitude. She should’ve parlayed her fame into comedy or an indie movie. The dialogue at the end is played straight by her. Every movement is natural as she picks up on the nuance of the words.

The highlight of the video, though, is the animation. It’s played for laughs as they row in the sea and then get eaten by the fish. Then, it becomes romantic once she turns into a mermaid and kisses her boyfriend on the sand. By the end, it’s artful when her face is on a pyramid. However, Ke$ha, in body paint, is more tribal than psychedelic. If an animal were to be in the pattern around her would’ve helped. It’s the only segment that misfires in an otherwise fantastic video.

Director: Honey  Year: 2010


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