Video Review: Shanice  “I Love Your Smile”

Shanice arrives at the studio and tips her sunglasses down to her nose, flashing a smile and then heads to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the photographer is setting up the lighting.

Against a red background, the photographer teases her with the camera. When he walks away, she gives him an admiring look.

In the next set up, she is sitting on a stool, with a microphone by her on a white platform. The photographer takes several shots.

In his viewfinder, he shoots her as she dances against two different backgrounds: the red one (which was shown earlier) and blue.

Some of the negatives (which are color), show one of her dancers and her smiling. The photographer, whose must be looped, is shown over and over taking pictures and grinning. However, he does kneel on the floor and direct her.

She sings into the microphone while the flash from the camera creates a silver light behind her. The photographer leans in close to her.

The photographer tells the dancers to be ready. It’s their turn. Shown upside down in the monitor, the dancers perform their routine against a set of doors. The ever grinning photographer returns to film them on the stage.

Against a white background, the photographer shoots the photos, highlighting the set with a tinge of copper light. Shanice plays with the necklace, stretching it out.

After work, she heads to the park. The photographer follows her and secretly takes pictures of her behind a tree. Kids run past her as she walks. She blows bubbles with one of the kids. The grandma told her family to say “cheese!” However, she notices and says she’ll take it for her. She tells everyone to scooch in closer together.

Bathed in sunlight from the window, Branford Marsalis plays the saxophone. With her hands, she forms an invisible saxophone and tells Marsalis to play.

While in the park, she runs with a kite. She finds her photographer in the viewfinder of her camera. Surprised, his mouth forms an “o.” Shanice shakes the photograph and smiles at him, complimenting. He laughs, relieved that she’s not creeped out by him.


       Rating: 2.5/5

Shanice is a ham, enjoying posing for the photos. She bounces her way through the shoot. Her photographer is so cute and she wants to ask him out. They could become an industry powercouple! He even tries to see her off hours, too. None of it bothers her. But it should.

The inappropriate photographer can’t get enough of her. He drives to the park and then hides, taking pictures of her. He knows he’s doing wrong when she takes her own photo of him. It’s as though he’s thinking “there goes my career.” But she plays into his crush, muddling the professional relationship between them. It doesn’t even seem naïve on her part. She’s capitalizing on his interest, liking being preyed upon. The power imbalance between them is sets off the alarm bells. While it’s presented as cute and romantic, it’s anything but.

Director: N/A  Year: 1991


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