Video Review: Troye Sivan & Alessia Cara “Wild (Version 2)”

A friend records Troye Sivan shaking a Magic 8 ball. His friend asks what it says. After a pause, Sivan says “yes.”

In his bedroom, he lays on his bed, thinking of his boyfriend. He met him at a friend’s barbecue. Soon, they started hanging out on their own and taking videos of their time together. In the corner, Alessia Cara sits in a chair and puts one foot on it. He takes a look at Cara, grateful that she’s there to listen to him.

On the grass, he folds his arms around his head and looks up at the sky. He thinks of the barbecue again, remembering when one of his friend’s planted a kiss on his girlfriend’s lips. She laughed so hard. He films Cara sitting on the swing in the backyard. Cara makes the peace sign.

At the barbecue, his crush gave him a piggyback ride. Another of friends sketched. On another day, he filmed the same friend smoking. Over at a friend’s house, Cara sticks her tongue out while on the swing. One of his friends put some cotton candy in another friend’s mouth.

Sitting on top of the roof, Cara and Sivan talk and swing their legs. While sitting on the chair in his bedroom, she plays with the strands of her hair. Another friend shakes his head in response to a question. He and all his friends run in the street. Cara waves at Sivan, while aiming her phone for selfie, as he films her.

At the bowling alley, Sivan raises his phone to take a picture. Cara bowls and knocks some pins over. She makes a funny face for the camera. She claps after bowling a strike. On one of their dates, he orders a drink for him and then hugs him across his chest. He and his friends wave as a plane flies above them.

He sits on the bed, his shirt open and smiles. He kisses his boyfriend. His boyfriend, shirtless, climbs on top of him on the bed. Sivan’s breath is taken away. Sivan rubs his hands down his crush’s chest. While watching the plane, he embraces his boyfriend. He films his boyfriend shirtless on his bed. His boyfriend bites his ear. He gives his boyfriend a tender kiss. Sivan sits on his bed, thinking of all the great memories.

Alessia Cara walks down the steps. As she is being filmed, she’s asked if she’s in love. Cara laughs and then trills “maybe.” At the end, the message reads “Keep On Kissing.”


Rating: 4/5

The heart of the video is Sivan’s relationship with his boyfriend. For Sivan, it’s his first love. All the time they spend together is not enough. He wants more. He films every second he can with him and his friends. He wants to remember this time in his youth. It won’t ever be like this again.

Alessia Cara, though, is extra in the video. She’s only there to spur sales and look pretty. Usually, she avoids the typical pop star route. However, seeing her with a ton of makeup on is distracting, considering that glam hasn’t been in her image so far. Nonetheless, her role as one of Sivan’s friends is as though his mom told him he has to be nice to her because their moms were close.

Ironically, the video captures the whole friendship aspect better than Cara’s “Wild Things.” The sense of community between his friends is apparent: they are of various races, gender and sexual orientation. Everyone is truly accepted in the group. No one person is at the center of it.

Director: Malia James  Year: 2016


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