Video Review: BØRNS “10,000 Emerald Pools”

White cloth floats in the ocean. The light shines from the golden emeralds below. In the sky, a golden cloud reflects on the water. BØRNS, eyes closed, swims in the water. Beside him, is his love, wearing a white dress. She floats on her back.

Above the surface, he closes his eyes, thinking of how spiritual the experience was. Bubbles pop in the water. His love stretches her arms out, her one leg bent. She touches the bottom of the ocean. In the water, his hair covers his eyes.

The golden emeralds rise to the surface, causing the sky to glow.

She swims away from the emeralds, finding nothing. BØRNS floats upside down. The moon shining above them, he finds her in the ocean and reaches for her hand. They swim off together.


Rating: 2.5/5

Although it has its moments of serene beauty, it’s not enough. The golden emeralds exploding is a sight to watch. It could be a painting. But the constant water and floating is repetitive. It’s a relief to see BØRNS, dry, in his individual shot.

The ocean is lit to be dark, which does help accentuate the young woman’s gymnastics moves. However, when she’s floating around, it’s tough to see her. She’s simply an image, though. She has no expression. BØRNS has the opportunity to give a wistful smile in his shot. There is a chance to get to know him a little but none for her. Then, it’s becomes difficult to see why he’s willing to dive the depths for his love.

Director: Eli Born Year: 2015



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