Video Review: Fifth Harmony & Fetty Wap “All In My Head (Flex)” 

In Malibu, Normani, in a Kilini Ro Classic Bra Top and Brazilian Bottom by Everything But Water, runs her hand through her hair. On the rock closest to the ocean, she puts her arms out.

Lauren, wearing a KENDALL + KYLIE at Top Shop Palm Print Plunging One Piece Swimsuit, has her hands on her knees and swings her hair. She comes out of a cave, her hands over her head and stretches out on the ground. She lies down, puts her hand on her chin and pulls herself up by her arms. On all fours, she pushes out her butt.

Camilla, in a Mara Hoffman Cut Out Front Piece, lies on her back on the back on the sand. She puts her leg down and touches her hand to her face. She arches her back.

Ally Brook rubs her hands over her Printed Halter Cut Out One Piece. Her hand holding another rock and seemingly away from the other girls, she touches her neck. She points and then puts both hands on her breasts. A man in a printed shirt watches her.

Dinah, wearing Robin Piccone ‘Sophia’ Cutout One Piece Swimsuit, holds her hair over head. Next to Normani, she puts her hand over her mouth and plays with her hair.

Fetty Wap, in a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans, watches from the dunes.

All in the water, they dance and play with their hair. A shirtless guy washes his hair in the water and walks towards the group. Standing in a circle on the rock, they move their arms and bend their legs as little as possible. On the beach, Ally Brook throws sand.

Four guys in a Jeep wait for the group. They climb out of truck and meet with the girls. The girls talk with them and then everyone surrounds Jeep, trying to figure out what everyone else wants to do.

After the sun has set, Fetty Wap stays in a cave and raps while the girls party at the outside bar. One guy checks his Friendable page and views Fifth Harmony’s profile. After closing time, the girls dance more at the beach bar. Ally Brook shows off cleavage and rubs herself again. Dinah is on the all fours on the sand. She gets up and swings her hair. Normani climbs the rock to reach her boyfriend. Wap flexes his arm. The girls party again.


Rating: 4/5

It’s fan service but it’s top of line. There is still respectability to it. The girls, for the most part, wear fantastic swimsuits. However, Lauren seems to be the most awkward and uncomfortable. When she rubs her breasts, it’s as though she’s trying to go as far as possible to get the director and management off her back. Out of all the swimsuits, she got the one that looks like it came from a souvenir shop.

Normani, by far, has the best swimsuit. The sunshine yellow is summery with a patterned border, outlining the lines of the suit. It draws attention to the body as a whole, not just the breasts and butt. Camilla has the most revealing suit but it’s hidden. She lies on her back and during the party scenes, she wears a white cover-up.

It’s Fetty Wap in a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans that is the most ridiculous. He’s the only one not showing skin and it makes him stick out. Plus, he doesn’t join the party. He’s off by himself, not really participating.

Overall, it’s a fun day out in the sun with some guys and cocktails. But Fetty Wap is a party pooper.

Director: Director X   Year: 2016


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