Video Review: Marc E. Bassy & G-Eazy “You & Me” 

Inside a studio, Marc E. Bassy begins to play the piano. While he thinks of lyrics, he remembers how she would put her arms around his neck and dance. After work, she would come over and she caressed his arm as they lay on his couch together.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend is at the club. The neon lights are dim and hazy. She can’t see straight and her image splits into two when she glances into the mirror. In the bathroom, she stares into space as the woman beside fluffs her hair and fixes her makeup. She puts her hand on her temple and then on her face, wondering what she’s doing.

On a busy street, he stands in the middle of the road while people pass him by. He closes his eyes and puts his hand on his chin, thinking he might’ve seen her.

Shot against a black background, Bassy, in a black shirt, shifts from right to left. He covers the front of his face with his shirt. He puts his arm out and closes his eyes, unable to look. He crosses his arm into an X and then turns away. Bassy, in the background, moves back and forth at a dizzying speed.

His wall still has the thousands of pictures he took when they were together. One photograph comes alive when he kisses her hand and she smiles. She touches his cheek. However, another photo shows her crabby, perhaps after a fight they had. A photo his face shows him bored. As he stands behind the wall, he realizes how ticked he is at her that she broke his heart.

Underneath a red light, G-Eazy takes note of the wall and sees the photographs strung together. He puts his finger to his temple. It’s that crazy. Also, against the black background, G-Eazy wears a varsity jacket and sunglasses.

He took a photo of her one time, just as she was waking up. She squinted her eyes and didn’t even protest. She only walked towards him.

On the street, he crosses to the next block. With her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket, he sees her on the other side. She glances at him. He looks back at her, his expression neutral watches her as she reaches the sidewalk.

He rests his head on the piano.


Rating: 2/5

Good intentions are there but it’s lost in unnecessary camera tricks and posturing. When Bassy is at the piano and in the street, the video has its purpose. Bassy is trying to work out his feelings and the way he does that is to write music. Whereas, on the street, everyday he crosses it to the next block and he knows eventually he will run into his ex-girlfriend. It’s a matter of when.

There’s also the ex-girlfriend’s persceptive. She’s coping with their breakup by clubbing and drinking. She’s getting so drunk that she can hardly function. When she does see him, there’s a need for him to look at her. Whatever light that she had in the photographs is gone.

Then there’s the wall of crazy. The photographs resemble that murderer-of-the-week on a procedural who is obsessed with someone and later plans to kill the person. When he stands against it, it’s as though he’s already preparing a justification for it to the police. When G-Eazy looks at it and then puts his finger to his head, it doesn’t take on the meaning of hardheaded. The jittery camera does not help to soothe that Bassy’s mind is okay.

     Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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