Video Review: Justin Bieber “Company” 

While at a photo shoot, Justin Bieber stands next to a white statute, shirtless. His puts his head down, platinum blonde strands blow around his eyes from the fan.

At a concert, he is again, shirtless and puts his head down. The lights are dimmed and he points to the audience.

Outside from his hotel, which overlooks the ocean, he takes in the view. He turns around, his manager standing beside him. On the bus, he sleeps by the window, with his hoodie over his baseball cap. While the bus driver takes a break, he takes a walk in a cow field.

In between shows, he’s in the studio, recording music, in his comfy attire of a hoodie, baseball cap and jeans. At another photo, he stands behind a pink sunset, looking down at his feet. On the bus, he looks at a bridge.

On stage, he folds his arms and looks up. The crowd, lit blue, from the lights. After a number, he lies down on the floor and he closes his eyes. People immediately take pictures with their phones.

After a show, he sits on a swing and waits. The next day, he stands by a tree and then lies out on the hammock, enjoying the rest.

At the photo shoot, stylists touch his clothes. One woman puts her hand over his head and pulls his head forward. In his head, he is counting down the minutes until he can leave.

With some free time, he skateboards down a street. He enters a venue, his head down, while people scream at him from the bleachers. On the plane, he laughs then looks out the window.

Watching the sun set by the ocean, he puts on a yellow hat and then heads back on the boat. On the boat, he sits on the end of it with his manager. Walking into another venue, his bodyguard holds onto him while lights flash from the cameras.

At a show, he hugs a fan in the audience. Meanwhile, he stops at another recording studio. He greets the producer with a hug. He kisses a baby and falls asleep on his girlfriend’s shoulder. He receives hugs from his bodyguards and various friends. In the limousine, he makes a funny face for the camera.

At the photo shoot, the he holds onto his neck with his arm. The photographer is certain to take pictures of the top of his underwear. Bending down on the ground, he hugs a canary yellow jacket to his body.

At a show, the fireworks go off behind him. He performs his dance moves, lights flashing all around him. During rehearsal, he runs up the steps of the venue. While in Amsterdam, he stands upon the ‘m.’ He plays foosball with his friends.

It’s another plane and another country. He steps off the plane and looks around. In his dressing room, he and his friend wear sunglasses and dance to the music. Back on the plane, he’s still wired from the last show and dances in his seat.

Backstage, he dances with a little girl, who is grinning. In his dressing room, he rehearses some more dance moves before the show. While driving through the city at night, he stands up in the limousine and watches the city through the sun roof.

His tour bus drives through a snowstorm. As the snow falls in sheets and the covers the trees lining the area, he decides to snowboard.

But then it’s back to work. He sits on a stair, reflecting. He poses with fans, attends a few industry parties. He and his friends decide to jump up all at the same time but then he falls on the ground. He rehearses again. At the huddle, he does the cheer and the crew prepare for another night. He jumps around on stage and goes through the motions performing a dance move. After the last song, he turns his back towards the audience to go backstage. He raises his arm up in the air. He stands on the foot of the stage, performing a song.

While hanging out at the beach, he writes out “LOVE YOU.” After a day of diving in the water, he heads back for a business meeting. On the stage, he reaches for his fans’ hands. The fireworks go off behind him. He heads back downstage.


Rating: 5/5

Touring is a grind. Then, there’s the extra work in between (radio shows, recording, photo shoots), the meet and greets and rehearsals. The concerts seem to be the homestretch of the work day. His downtime is shown as he and his entourage tour the sites around the world. He skateboards whenever he can.

Nonetheless, there are times he appears to be checked out. During the photo shoot, he simply waits for instructions, his expression blank. While performing the choreography on stage, there is no joy behind it. He is supposed to swipe right, move his leg and then make a comment to the audience. During his off time, he is full of life and joking. It gives the impression that he’s tired and is done being pop star.

    Director: Rory Kramer  Year: 2016


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