Video Review: Paris Hilton “Stars Are Blind”

In black-and-white, a wave builds up and then crashes into the sea. By a palm tree, Paris Hilton holds onto her shoulders and then puts her hands behind the back of her head while a photographer shoots her. A crew member runs to the photographer and hands him some more film. Underneath an umbrella, an assistant takes Hilton to the next area.

Inside a studio, she sits on a stool, her hand between her legs. The photographer adjusts his camera. He tells her to move her head. She spreads her legs out again. He tells her to put her hand by her head. He tells to wait and she laughs.

The wave crashes again. She’s on a beach, in a leopard-print bikini, climbing on top of her photographer/boyfriend, her arm resting on a branch. He nestles his head by her neck. She brushes her away from her neck and lets her mouth grace his lips. She runs. Afterwards, she lies on her back. Her boyfriend puts his hand on her stomach. They run in the water, splashing each other. She jumps on his back for a piggyback ride. He bends in the water. She throws his shirt into the ocean.

Back at the photo shoot, she holds onto a microphone and puts her hand on her hip. The photographer moves a strand of her hair. She swings the microphone from in a circle and holds it close to her again. A stylist fixes her makeup and applies some brush. She smirks, her hand on her hip. She holds onto a rope and pulls at it. The stylist returns to apply some lipstick. She grabs the photographer by the hand and they run out to the beach.

The wave crashes again to the sea. Back at the beach, she and her boyfriend make out. Pieces of sand are on her face and his chest. She lies on his bare chest while he plays with her hair. He kisses her neck and chest. She rubs her arms on his chest.

By a fence, she lies on her back on the glider couch and moves her legs up and down. Then, she lies on her front, putting her hand to her cheek. She knocks her knees on the photographer’s camera. He doesn’t appreciate it. She sits forward on the glider, her arms behind her and legs in front of her, liking to that she got him to lose his cool. Then, she puts her heel on the photographer’s camera. He pushes his foot away. She climbs on top of the glider couch, in front of the photographer. They run out of the room together.

In her dressing room, she fixes her shoe and then heads for the next set. Strapped to a target, she moves her head from right to left and then pushes her body forward, unclasping from the straps. She lands on the photographer and takes his camera. She begins to take pictures of him. She unbuttons his shirt and touches his chest, still taking pictures. Inside the studio, she has him on the ground, shirtless, while she is on top of him, snapping away. He asks for his camera and reaches for it. She snatches it away.

The wave crashes again. Her boyfriend kisses her and rubs her head against his chest. Inside the studio, she rubs her hands on his chest and down to his belt. She takes off his belt and grabs his keys. She steals clothes from the dressing room. In her sports car, she puts her sunglasses between her teeth and raises her arm in the air.


Rating: 3/5

The black and white aesthetic is pretentious, Hilton treats the stylists as her servants and enjoys every bit of attention. She hits on the photographer, sleeps with him after working with him all day and then steals the clothes from the shoot.

Yet, it’s everything that’s expected of her. If she simply sat there and was a professional, it would raise questions and not be the least bit believable. On the positive side, she’s owning her bad behavior instead of leaving it to rumor and blind items. But she’s clearly in it to be famous and sleep with hot, credible men who could further her status. It’s both frustrating, considering she’s blatant and aggressive about it, and honest, since she’s not hiding it like other celebrities would.

Director: Chris Applebaum  Year: 2006



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