Video Review: Stacie Orrico “Stuck”

The alarm clock lets out its harsh chirp. Stacie Orrico fiddles with button to shut it off on her nightstand. She lays her head on the pillow. Usually, she would look at the picture of her boyfriend, also on the nightstand and smile. However, today she can’t make herself do it. She tosses the picture frame, letting it drop behind the nightstand and she puts her head back on the pillow.

She gets out of bed and on her mirror, framed by pictures of her boyfriend and writes in red lipstick, “Stuck.” As the bus heads to the school, she sits in her seat, staring right ahead. She’s not in the mood to talk to anyone today. Another school bus pulls up by the light. Her boyfriend waves to her and she slumps down in the seat. He makes smacks his lips and it totally grosses her out. He etches a heart on the window. She rolls her eyes and puts her notebook up to the window. He’s so annoying!

She removes the notebook, which is in time to watch a girl crawl on his lap. He gives her a “what can I do? The ladies love me” shrug. She puts her hands over head, aggravated and frustrated with entire situation between them.

Around the track, she walks with her best friend. However, her boyfriend bumps into her. She turns around and he asks if she wants to talk. She continues to walk with him. They make fun of the prissy girl shouting at the gym teacher about what a useless exercise it is and how her mother will be calling the school, repeatedly telling that she will make sure he will never teach again. LIKE EVER! He clasps his hand into hers and they bond again.

After school, she stands by the chain-link fence and watches him play basketball with his friends. He makes a shot, gesturing with his hands that it was for her and she grins. He shoves his friend on the ground and spins on the pavement.

They walk hand-in-hand to their next class. On the wall, he writes S.O. & TI. She blushes, resting her chin on her shoulder.

In her room, she fixes her hair. It’s the night of the Spring Fling. He said he would be there and they would talk. When she opens the gym door, she sees him dancing close to another girl. He sees her and quickly turns around. Humiliated, she leaves.

That night, she watches video a video of them. It was when he was with ex-girlfriend. He put his arm around his then-girlfriend and she wanted to disappear. He gave the camera a thumbs up. Her disappointment that he chose someone else over her was apparent. On her bed, she puts her head into her hands, wondering why she was so clueless to even date him after that episode.

On the bus, she holds onto the seat next to her, preparing herself for what she needs to do. She gets off the bus and her boyfriend walks up to her, thinking she is going to fall into his arms again. She narrows her eyes and walks away, leaving him dumbfounded. His friends make crying sounds as he grits his teeth.


       Rating: 3/5

Thank goodness she finally dumps him at the end. What a jerk! He clearly thinks that he made her at the high school and all of her friends are due to his popularity. Putting a notebook so she can’t see him is being far too kind. He deserves a much harsher gesture.

While playing basketball with his friends, he likes to goof off and impress her. It’s so sweet. Then, he pushes his friend onto the ground without even offering to help the person out and spins around for her benefit. Just like that, he’s an irredeemable, immature high school guy who is all about himself.

Enough information is given about the relationship to see why she would continue to date him. He has his times of being an actual human being. However, she is more than justified in leaving him. Her stare down is the appropriate ending as she stands up to him and leaves him for good.

Director: Diane Martel  Year: 2003


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