Video Review: Kygo & Kodaline “Raging” 

A young woman lies awake on the bed next to her boyfriend. She watches him sleep. Thinking she’s safe, she unfolds the covers around her, takes off her earrings and ring and places them on the nightstand. She puts on her jeans, grabs her camera and takes one last look at him. She leaves.

The shuttering of the door woke him. When he turns around, he sees that his girlfriend isn’t there. He looks on the nightstand and picks up the ring he gave her.

Walking down the street, she pulls her hair into a ponytail. She runs down the steps. On the bus, she looks out the window. Through it, she takes a photo of protestors with her camera. She gets off at that stop and gets into the crowd. The protesters bump into her. She turns around, irritated as they continue to walk down the road.

He moves the curtains on the windows and looks outside. He figures she can’t be that far away. He puts on his jeans and grabs a t-shirt. The first place he looks is the basketball court. He remembers how they would play in the pick-up games. He would hold onto to her waist. However, it would mean they would fall together on the ground. When it did, he would hold her close and they would laugh.

But things between them hadn’t been good for a while. She would accuse him of not caring. He would pick apart her words and storm off. She would point to the television and tell him that he needs to pay attention. Photography is her work.

It was something she thought about. With her camera, she would watch the sunset and look at the ring her boyfriend gave her, wondering how he will handle her news.

From his pocket, he hands her a plane ticket. He doesn’t want to stop her. HE puts the ring on her finger and then gives her a kiss. She hugs him.

He runs down the steps and when he sees his girlfriend taking a photo, he smiles. But when she removes the camera from her face, the woman is annoyed. Realizing it’s not his girlfriend, he gives the woman a sheepish look and heads for the next place she might be.

He finds the gazebo and stretches his arm on the railing, breathing hard. It’s empty. He sits on the bench, remembering how he saw her walk through the trees, gazing at him. It was though it was out of a dream.

Back on the street, he puts his hand behind his head. He doesn’t know what to do. Then he sees the bus. He races towards the bus, running beside the underpass, hoping to reach it by its next stop.

The police begin to arrest the photographers. She starts taking photographers. One of the police officers grabs for her camera and she tells him “NO!” while pulling her arm out of reach.

He walks through the hiking trail, that they trekked a hundred times, holding hands. Desperate, he puts his arms on the shoulders of the women he runs into, checking to see if it’s her. The one woman’s boyfriend gets the wrong impression and shoves him on the ground. About ready to cry, he stays in the sand and runs his hands through it.

But he has to try. His concern for her safety and well-being is overriding his pride right now. Through the streets, he sees where they meet up with friends and walk the downtown area. Now, people are telling him to leave. It’s getting dangerous.

She sees a little girl in white, alone in the street, waving the Brazilian flag. She leaves her camera at her hips and grins. The little girl turns around and looks at her. She decides to follow her.

In the thick of the protest, he searches the crowd. On the same street, she looks left and then right. But there is no way to get out of there. Protestors are lining both sides and the police, in riot gear, on the other. They throw out tear gas. In the smoke, she stands in a daze and then falls to the ground.

Seeing her splayed on the street, he picks her up and gives her a kiss. It immediately brings him back to the first kiss in the ocean. The sun was setting. It was a gorgeous day. Every chance he could, he would put the ring on her finger. Sitting on the roof, they talk and he hands her the tickets.

Over the Rio de Janeiro skyline, the pilot says they are heading to Paris.


Rating: 5/5

The political strife in Rio de Janeiro has become to hit home. The young woman wants to help make other people aware. She believes the world is not listening. It’s her job as a photographer to film the tension going on within the country.

He believes in her job but he wants her to be safe. It’s all he cares about. He thinks she can help in another way that doesn’t involve getting hurt. Her need for action and his desire to take care of her cause conflict in their relationship.

When he notices that she’s gone, he can’t help but worry. If he doesn’t believe in what she needs to do, she’ll leave him. She’s headstrong and he’s a worrywart. But when he picks her up on the ground, the fight earlier doesn’t matter. She was scared and needed him in at that moment. It’s a turning point for their relationship.

Like Kygo’s previous singles, the couples are well-developed and fleshed out. Here, passion is the theme. Even at their worst, their bond allows them to say whatever they feel, do what they need to do and be able to return to each other after it all.

    Director: Ariel Elia Year: 2016

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