Video Review: Orianthi “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

The heat blurs the image as a young man speeds down the road on his motorcycle. He flies past the auto repair shop and motel with hardly a glance.

Orianthi raises her guitar in the air and plays with one hand, her expression tough. Red light highlights her guitar and outfit. She rests her leg on a faded pink chair.

The engine begins to sputter. He puts  out his arm, signaling that he’s going to stop. He takes off his helmet and surveys his motorcycle. He kicks the sand. It’s another expense he doesn’t need.

Standing behind a background of white lights, she plays her guitar, disconnected from the action going on.

He begins to check things out. After tweaking some things, he stands up and throws his helmet down. He has no idea what’s wrong. He takes off his jacket, puts his head and brushes past his hair. He’s going to be there for a while. He kicks the sand again and then stands by the shoulder of the road.

Orianthi sits on a red motorcycle, playing the guitar.

Pretending to adjust something, he checks out the person who pulled up behind him. He watches as the person takes off their helmet. The woman shakes her long, brunette hair out. He grins, glad that she’s pretty and looks like a model. He explains to her what happened. She pulls back her hair, listening.

Orianthi stands by the amplifier.

While she checks out his engine, he plants his eyes on her butt. She looks up and he moves his head to the side, scratching his hair, pretending that he hadn’t done anything. She smiles, thinking it’s cute. She places her arm on the handles and he puts his arm by her, closing in on her personal place.

Orianthi is still standing by the amplifier.

They both lean over the seat of his motorcycle. She tells him she needs his help. In the meantime, they nearly hit heads and almost kiss as he leans over the seat. She tells him it’s beyond what she can do. He kicks the sand again. She offers him a ride home.

The screen shakes a little while Orianthi plays near the amplifier. She sits on the floor, demonstrating her skills as a guitarist, her fingers mastering the chords.

They stop for a break. She removes her helmet again. They stand by each other and talk. He holds onto her waist. They both know the moment is coming. She puts her hand on his shoulder and he kisses her.

Orianthi yells at the camera.

She puts her hand by his neck and the kiss gets deeper.

Orianthi runs her Beats by Dre headphones over the strings. She is so over everything.


Rating: 2/5

Orianthi, off to the side and separate, declares herself the dominant force in the relationship, demanding her boyfriend to kiss her.

Then, the stranded young man, frustrated and upset, has a meet cute on the side of the road with an unbelievably hot model who understands motorcycles! She’s a cool girl, too. She catches him checking her out and grins back. She just looks tough. But she’s actually really girly inside. Then, they fall in love…for two weeks.

Meanwhile, Orianthi stays in a studio, poses here and there, adding nothing to the video but her presence. Which, given that she’s doesn’t even smile, seems like she’s doing everybody else a favor just by showing up. She couldn’t even done a few individual shots in the desert. Sitting on a motorcycle doesn’t make her a part of it. It only emphasizes her lack of involvement. As Orianthi gets more aggressive, the romance twists itself to provide a softness. It results in both sides trying too hard.

Director: N/A  Year: 2010

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