Video Review Mariah Carey “You’re Mine (Eternal)”

In the ocean, Mariah Carey, in a jeweled corset top as she swims in a sheer mermaid gown. As she dives further into the ocean, she puts her hands over her ears and grins. Soon, she will be seeing her love.

She reaches the surface of the Puerto Rican rainforest and places herself strategically at a rock, covering her breasts. Gold glitter dots her arms as she puts her arms around her chest. She sits on the rock, using her hair and arms to prevent any actual nudity.

Shot from a distance on the rock, the ethereal rainforest has a magical glow to it. As though fairies, in various pastel colors, would someday fly by with their glittery wings, granting wishes to anyone who proves they have a good person.

At a photo shoot, Trey Songz poses shirtless. He turns around, feeling the heat of the lights on his skin. He puts his arms over his head, pretending to be frustrated. He folds his hands in prayer. He pretends to hit a home run.

She splashes the water and turns her back towards the camera, revealing her golden glittery wings. However, she’s downcast at the thought of not being able to be with her one true love. She thinks of how if she could only find a way to be human all the time.

Back at home, Songz lies in bed, pulling at the sheets, trying to fall asleep. Eyes closed, he pulls the covers towards him. On the sheet is a gold glitter imprint.


Rating: 3/5

Mariah Carey finally gets her own version of The Little Mermaid and it’s glorious. All that’s missing is an animated introduction of a mean, older male figure trapping her in the water.

Since Carey doesn’t ever leave the shore, it can be assumed she saw him by the waterfall one day and realized she needed to be human. However, only true love can break the spell. Songz, though, seems to be sense something. His intuition tells him someone is trying to contact him. It’s been distracting him while at work. Then, Carey leaves her signal.

It’s over the top, obsessed with all things sparkly, capped with a happy ending as Carey lives out Disney Princess dream. But with a bottle Pinot Noir that’s probably stashed underneath a rock somewhere in the forest.

     Director: Indrani Year: 2014


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