Video Review: Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood “Remind Me”

In the desert, at just about sundown, Brad Paisley walks along the now grey desert, carrying his guitar. His silver belt buckle shines in the last rays of the sun and illuminate the whisker marks on the faded dark wash skinny jeans and black t-shirt.

On the other side, Carrie Underwood walks towards him wearing the Elektra maxi dress by Gomez-Garcia in silver Lanvin heels. Her tan skin glistening in the sun, she pushes her hair back as the back of her dress flows in the wind. She puts her hand on her chest, wanting Paisley to know she still cares.

Paisley continues to walk, feeling the distance but not sure knowing how to bridge it.

Carrie Underwood touches her face and the camera lingers on the gorgeous Lanvin heels.

As they get closer, he begins to play his guitar. Once they meet each other in the middle, she emphasizes that they had something awesome and it seems as though he forgot. Paisley is like, “well, yeah, we were having lots of sex.” She touches her heart, wanting him to woo her again. She puts her hands out, saying he has to buy her flowers sometimes and leave Post-it notes every once in a while. Paisley is like, “well, does this mean we’ll have sex again if I do?”

The sun begins to set, the final rays of the day beating down one more time while she emphasizes to him the importance of romantic gestures. He brings his guitar closer to his chest, thinking it’s what worked before. She takes it into account.

The sun sets on the horizon, its hue a glowing daffodil yellow.


Rating: 1.5/5.

So Carrie Underwood’s dress and shoes are awesome. The look could be mistaken for iconic due to lack of stimulation. In any other video, it would be a footnote and not have such an immediate focus. But her outfit is the only thing that stands out.

The ‘meeting each other in the middle’ concept is made literal and unfortunately, the lyrics are internalized, causing the metaphor to be redundant. Underwood, though, sells it as though she’s trying to win American Idol all over again. She’s overcompensating for Paisley’s indifferent attitude.

Intimacy and connection are needed. Seeing them together as a couple at home would’ve broken up the monotony of the desert. However, it’s tossed aside for a pretty dress and a lusty cowboy.

Director: Deaton-Flanigen  Year: 2011


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