Video Review: John Legend “All of Me”

Filmed in black-and-white, John Legend, through the screen of the back window, watches as his fiancé, Chrissy Teigen lies out in the sun.

She’s his inspiration. On the piano, he begins to play and write a song in the study. He closes his eyes, thinking of her.

While on the boat, he turns to her and rubs her back. She tells him the view is beautiful as she steers the boat. She gives him a kiss and puts her head back, enjoying the fresh air.

At breakfast, though, he can tell something is bothering her. She has her both arms on the table and folded her hands into wrists, putting them to her mouth. He tells her it’s okay and he starts to give her a piece of cantaloupe. She laughs, telling him to stop. They can sit at the table and simply stare at each other. She’ll move her lip in a certain way and he’ll burst out laughing. He reassures her that it’s really okay with a kiss. She holds onto his wrist and pushes him away.

Still at the window, he sees that she has turned to face him and he puts his hand to the window. She has gotten up and is putting her hair into a ponytail.

Underneath the water, she blows bubbles and stretches her arms and then rises to the surface. He joins her, holding onto her as they kiss.

After having sex, they cuddle. He puts his arm around her, resting his hand on her shoulder while she puts her arm around his chest. She kisses him on the neck. That morning, he had some stuff to do. But he figured let her sleep. While she lies wrapped in the covers, she takes a deep breath and then moves her arm.

In the shower, she lets the water run over her, her eyes closed while he stands on the other side. Under the running water, they kiss and she whispers in his ear that she adores him.

She meets him at the screen window and gives him a serious look. She puts her hand on the window. He continues to gaze at her. She takes a couple of steps away from the window, taking in the intimacy of the moment and then returns back to the window.

That afternoon, they swim in the ocean and kiss. After the swim, they sit at the table and have lunch. He reads the newspaper. She asks him a question and he sets the newspaper down, giving her his full attention.

In the evening, they walk arm-in-arm on the pier. They face each other and rests their arms on one another and talk.

Holding the towel to her chest, she watches him while he plays the piano. In the ocean, he brushes her hair and she puts her hand to her mouth.

In color, it’s footage from their wedding day in Lake Como, Italy. They kiss and as they walk, she tucks her arm into his.


Rating: 5/5

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen make a wonderful couple and from the video, seem to balance each other out. She makes him incredibly happy and playful while he brings out her vulnerable side.

When he stares out the screen door, it’s not just to admire her beauty. He enjoys seeing her putting her arm over eyes and then raise her leg up in the air, letting out a groan. It’s something he’s seen her do a thousand times and it doesn’t get old. It’s her. While the rest of the world gets to read her funny and snarky tweets, he sees beyond that. There are times she’s afraid and unsure. He’s seen her at her worst and wants to be there.

They can just be, whether they are showering together or eating lunch. There isn’t necessarily a need to talk to all the time. They are each other’s best friends.

Director: Nabil Elderkin  Year: 2013


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