Video Review: Little Mix & Jason Derulo “Secret Love Song”

It’s an evening in London. Jade is on the outside of the London Bridge, trying not to cry and keep herself together.

Jesy looks up and wishes things were different. All of the drama isn’t necessary. She wants to talk and find a solution.

Perrie walks on the bridge and stares up at the sky, believing it’s time for a change and to empower herself in the situation. She folds her hands together, forming a fist, disappointed in herself.

Leigh-Anne, upset, puts her hands in her coat and walks. She puts her down in disgust. She can’t do this anymore. She puts both her hands on her face.

In a loft, Jason Derulo puts his foot out and his hand to his heart. He crosses one foot into other and strikes a martyr pose. He’s going to have to be the one to sacrifice. He puts his arms out, tired of everything going on. He spins around the room, wondering if his secret girlfriend would be brave enough to do the same.

He sits on the red couch, thinking of what to do next. Then, he stretches out on the floor, his one arm resting on the couch. He puts his hands together and puts them to his lips, thinking he is in a no-win situation. No matter what, someone is going to get hurt.

Jesy sits on a bench at the same time, distraught. After thinking for some time, she gets up and lets her hand run across the bench.

Derulo looks out the window, searching for answers. He runs his hand through his hair. He imagines himself dancing with his other girlfriend.

Jade thinks it’s simple: make the decision quick instead of being unhappy.

Derulo stares out again and then puts both hands on the glass, wanting to make the misery go away. He runs up the wall.

Perrie folds her hands together, her bitterness gone. There is a way to work it out.

Derulo sits on a stool and thinks. Jesy, on the brink of tears, knows it’s not going to end well. Perrie is back to issuing an ultimatum. Derulo gets up from the couch.

Meanwhile, in London, life continues to go on for other people.


Rating: 3.5/5

Every one is dealing with the situation: Perrie is strong-willed though reasonable, Leigh-Anne wants to shout and scream, Jesy wants to be alone and Jade wants to cry but needs the connection. Derulo is conflicted, unsure of what to do. It’s the varying points of view that keep the video moving when the pace is at a crawl.

Derulo, though, is given more than do than just dance. He goes through the emotional gamut: anger, sadness, hurt. He has empathy for his girlfriend, who will be broken once she finds out. He didn’t intend to fall in love with someone else.

Among Little Mix, Perrie is able to convey the nuances of the situation. She can break up with her own boyfriend. But she doesn’t have the confidence that Derulo will. She’s going to issue an ultimatum. Out of all the young women, Perrie seems to be the one who is not going to allow herself to be a victim and feel so sorry for herself. She’s just as responsible as Derulo. She does blame herself for being the ‘other woman’ as well as lying to her own boyfriend. Perrie’s section ends up being the most compelling. Unfortunately, it makes the other band members’ extraneous. An edit of only Perrie and Derulo would make for a much stronger video.

Director: Frank Borin  Year: 2016


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