Video Review: Samantha Mumba “Baby, Come On Over (This Is Our Night)”

Against a golden background, Samantha Mumba mouths the lyrics in her individual shot. The screen fades into a patterned background. There, amidst the bright yellow and blue triangles, a dancer stands on his knees.

Next, the camera pans to the Samantha Mumba Pretty, Pretty Ice Castle, with her logo in emblazoned on top of the grey exterior. Through the peephole of the ruby red hallway, she dances in a lacy crop top and red denim jeans.

On the outer steps of the castle, she dances while the other dances stay in the center of the blocks, intertwining high above to the tower. In front of the entrance, a dancer performs a backflip in slow motion.

Against a baby blue background with white, round lights, Samantha sings into a microphone.

With each beat, the colors and shape change in the patterned room from triangles, squares and circles. Also, inside her t-shirt changes color while still keeping the circle shape.

On the blocks, the dancers perform while she is up front, shaking her shoulders, seemingly CGI’d into the frame.

In her individual shot, she gives the camera an inviting smile.

On a cobalt circle, she and her dancers perform their routine while wearing shiny pants and tops. The dancers, though, stand out from her. They wear a variation of rusty pants with a sapphire blue top. It makes her one-shouldered blue top and jeans look ordinary.

On the couch, a man sits with a woman in his lap. The dancers do the running man.

The changing patterned room is shown again. Then, it’s a quick look back to the aerial view of the castle and she dances in front of the blocks while fake water drips. All the segments are shown one last time.

Against the golden background, she gives a confident look the camera.


Rating: 3/5

It’s typical for the era but Samantha Mumba is able to inject some personality among the lights, dancing and offbeat backgrounds.

Every trend is covered in the video: a peephole shot with lots of bright colors, dizzying patterns that switch on the beat, a dance break, and being alone in a room with a microphone. However, she gives it all, trying to make the best of the clichés the best she can.

Surprisingly, the outfits are relevant: the lace top and colored denim came back in style as well as the crop tops. It’s the t-shirt with the stenciled in circle pattern that are dated.

But the Samantha Mumba Pretty, Pretty Ice Castle seems to be out of a 80s fantasy cartoon and it’s as though she got dropped there in a lost live animated episode. It’s a good idea but for an entirely different video. She exudes friendliness and warmth which is the opposite that the ice castle projects.

Director: Joseph Kahn  Year: 2001


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