Video Review: Bebe Rexha & Nicki Minaj “No Broken Hearts”

From a high-rise, Bebe Rexha looks out the window to the city below. Hanging from an invisible cloud, she holds onto a chain, swinging in the air, in the nighttime sky. She throws her body back, letting the air hit her.

Then, as if she flew to the cloud for a nap, she drops from the morning sky, wearing pink, fluffy shoes, a pink crop top and a poofy skirt with patches of white. Two men then begin falling with her.

Against a pale blue background, wearing a pink t-shirt, she puts her hand to her face and does a mock gasp. She spreads her legs out and puts her hands to her chin. She throws her hand up, while listening to music with Beats by Dre headphones and starts to dance. She hits the floor with her hands. Then, she taps her feet and tilts her head to the music while she continues to sit on the floor.

Falling straight, with her eyes closed, her moving image from the apartment emblazoned on her t-shirt.

In a striped background, she puts her arms out, wearing jeans and a strapless fuchsia bra top. She gets out a bottle of Beluga liquor and pours it into the waiting dancers’ shot glasses. After some more dancing, the Beluga liquor gets a proper promotion.

Against a faded green background, she sits on a chair piled with money and pets her cat. Two guys sit on the edge of her seat while other people surround her and protect the money.

Against a hot pink background, she and her dancers loiter around a sports car. She stretches out on the ground, putting her butt up in the air. A guy friend puts her arm around her as they hang out by the car.

In another pink background (but with an added chartreuse strip) and thick lines on the bottom, which seem to resemble lips, there are three of her. The one in the center moves first and then from left to right.

In a ombre background of a misty blue, four of her stand around in various poses. The one closest to the camera touches her breasts.

Dancing between the lasers in a yet another background, she wears a white crop top with white starred jeans while the other dancers watch her. Once she stops, they are able to dance.

In a black corset top, Nicki Minaj puts her hands on her hips while she stands in the faded green background, waiting for cue. Then, the screen splits up her image, changing one side of her outfit from black to white (including the screen). The screen splits her image into three, inverting her eyes. She rolls her eye butt at the camera. Throughout her section, her image gets inverted and cut up.

When Minaj is shown in a white bra top with tight white jeans, Rexha stands far into the background. After Minaj’s part is over, three guys break dance.

At the club, Rexha, wearing an orange coat gets a hug from G-Eazy from behind and dances behind moldy orange laser lights.

All the segments get a quick glimpse.

While dancing in the center of the pale blue background, she jumps up and down in her fuzzy shoes as guys break dance around her.

She looks out of the window of her apartment and then swings on the cloud.


Rating: 2/5

Too many segments crowd the video, turning it into a mishmash of images that don’t correspond to each other.

It does begin with an interesting visual, with her swinging in the nighttime. But other than her falling from the sky and landing in the background, it doesn’t really expand beyond it, other than having the break dancers join her.

Rexha sitting on a pile of money with an entourage behind her while she pets a cat is random. It’s obvious the money is fake and plastic, which makes the image even more baffling. Then, there’s the three of her in the hot pink background, where each figure moves only once per frame. It only lasts ten seconds, the most.

The only segment that is consistent is Nicki Minaj’s section, which sticks to the opening’s theme of black and white. Every part of her is clipped, reversed and inverted but stays together.

The club, laser light and fuchsia backgrounds seemed to be added in once ideas ran out. However, when the segment with Rexha wearing the fluffy slippers gets shot in slow motion, with other versions of her paused, it does make for a stunning image. The apartment hints at something more but keeps it to a bookend, wasting the image completely. It’s like an intro on an album that’s left unfinished.

Director: Dave Meyers  Year: 2016

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  1. It seemed as as though cloud were a bed. It was how she dropped from the sky as though she had fallen asleep.

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