Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Army”

Written on the screen, Ellie Goulding dedicates the song to her best friend Hannah and to all her fans. In black-and-white, Ellie Goulding, in little makeup, looks down, thinking of the horrible yet life-changing events that have happened to her. Focusing on her eyes, she thinks of her best friend.

On the airplane, she laughs in Hannah’s lap while Hannah sings a song. While in the van, Goulding puts the camera on Hannah and she covers her face. At the hotel, they sit on the couch. Hannah laughs into her sleeve. During the night, they stay up late and talk while Goulding sits on her bed.

Hannah shows her a video on her iPad and she bursts out laughing. Meanwhile, she catches Hannah in a serious moment. Hannah gives the camera a small smile.

On stage, she performs her songs.

While out on the road, she and Hannah talk, passing the time. Inside another hotel, Goulding has her guitar out. She needs her friend’s opinion on the song. They cuddle next to each other in bed as her manager makes jokes.

In her individual shot, she expresses her gratitude for her. All the time she has taken to accompany her to events and travel with her. But Goulding wouldn’t want anyone else there. She wouldn’t ever leave her best friend behind.

In the studio, she sings the song as the producers sit at the computer, listening.

She and Hannah run down a hotel hallway. Goulding pulls a hoodie over outfit and laughs while Hannah waits for her. Goulding jumps and up down in a recording studio.

At the stadium, the house lights are dark as the next set of her show starts. While at a festival, she holds her guitar and puts her arms up in the air. She laughs again at something Hannah said.

As she takes a walk in the street, she pushes her hair back and then gives an over the shoulder glance to the camera.

She looks to the side and then faces the camera again, giving the camera searching look. She’s heard every awful word about her. It is has stung but knowing she has her best friend has helped a lot.

In the hotel room, she greets Hannah with a bouncing hug. In their pajamas, they sing along to the radio like when they were kids. They entertain themselves by performing their own choreographed dance moves. Goulding points to the camera, grinning.

Back in her individual shot, she smiles, knowing nothing will ever break them apart.

While making coffee, she rolls her hips as Hannah films her. They watch a television on the iPad on the bed. In her dressing room, she points to the camera. She walks down the stairs, surprised and touches her head.

Walking down the street, she looks at the open road.

In her individual shot, she starts to laugh when someone makes a joke and puffs up her cheeks. She whips her hair around.

Back on the couch, she and Hannah laugh while Goulding reads from her phone. Back in her dressing room, they dance, jumping up and down. On the airplane, Goulding discreetly tries to laughs by folding her hands together and placing them to her mouth.

She hugs Hannah and then one more individual shot of her closes the video.


Rating: 4.5/5

For Goulding, having Hannah around with her on tour, is her saving grace. Without her, she wouldn’t be able to stay sane. Hannah brings out her goofy side and keeps her going. She had to find a way to thank her and the video offered a chance.

Unlike most tour videos, it isn’t out to glamorize being a world famous pop star. Goulding seems to want to be seen as normal and human as possible. The actual tour itself is in the foreground, treated as a job that she has to go to everyday but involves plenty of travel.

Throughout the video, people are able to get to know Ellie Goulding outside of being a pop star and see her as a real person. Her fame not may not last forever but Hannah will be constant in her life. For her, that is what’s important.

Director: Conor McDonnell  Year: 2016


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