Video Review: DNCE “Cake By The Ocean”

On the DNCE Network, a picture of a cake appears, stating it’s the First Annual Cake Fighting Championship. Two reporters sit on the beach, behind a piece of vanilla cake, chatting before their cue. Once they are given their cue, they stop talking and the first reporter folds his hands, welcoming the live audience and using puns like “it’s piece of cake,” basically implying it’s the easiest thing ever and a ratings grab. The reporter in a yellow pinstripe suit with glasses smiles, as the first male reporter hands it off to Lisa. Meanwhile, the ticker on the screen says the video directors and the band members of DNCE.

Cheering fans behind her, Lisa says the “crowd is going wild” and then winks at the live audience after her pun that the championship will determine “who will have their cake and eat it, too.” She hands it back to the two other reporters.

The older reporter, in the yellow pinstripe suit exclaims “let’s do it!” and introduces the band.

Behind the piece of cake, the band begins to play. Joe Jonas keeps his eye on the camera and then dances around. Then, the game starts. Dozens of women in blue crop tops and bikini bottoms run toward the cheering crowd and dance with them. Jonas makes the crazy gestures with his hands.

Then, the woman start to remove their blue crop tops and showing off their bikinis. A large breasted woman rubs sun screen on her shoulder while the other women size each other up and pose. A guy backstage scans through his photos of the contestants on his phone.

Emerging from the sand is comedian The Fat Jew. The Fat Jew puts his arms out on stage while the women stretch. He puts sun lotion on his arms and legs. The women bend down and then race to the cake, once the buzzer goes off. The women begin to throw pieces of cake at The Fat Jew. He bends his body to the left, dodging the first piece.

The Fat Jew hits a woman right in the face, getting frosting in hair and covering her face. She turns her head away. The other women dig their hands into it. He bends down, missing about four pieces. He is able to get a woman right in the back, by her shoulder. The crowd cheers as The Fat Jew pretty much declares that victory is his.

While he moves out of the way of the flying batter, a woman tries to seduce him by showing him the frosting on her tongue. Men in Speedos with pom pons cheer. The Fat Jew touches both his fingers to his mouth and hurls a big ball of cake at the women. He gets a woman right in the chest. Finally, a woman gets The Fat Jew all over his body, knocking him over.

The winner, a blonde woman, holds up a yellow sign with her sponsor’s name on it. The contestants dance with The Fat Jew and play with his hair. He lays his chest out, letting the woman smear him with cake.

During the trophy presentation, The Fat Jew pours liquor all over himself and then sings along with the band. Although, Jonas looks like he’s afraid he’s going to be attacked by the women. As the guitarist and the other contestants run by the water, he tosses his guitar in the air and it lands into the ocean.


Rating: 0/5

If the video isn’t mocking women, it’s using a failed Internet celebrity The Fat Jew, known for stealing jokes, for its cool factor. It’s hopelessly out of touch and turns a blind eye to its misogyny.

Women are nothing but skin. It’s the thin, white, pretty models who are the major players. The token black woman is marginalized and only showing stretching while an obese woman gets made fun of as she’s being sexy. Neither are shown more than once or twice.

But then The Fat Jew appears. A disgraced Internet celebrity who got called out for stealing jokes and lost both his television shows in the process, is the main attraction. He heaves huge pieces of cake at the women, hitting them as hard as he can with it. Even with him against a dozen women, it doesn’t seem like a fair fight. He doesn’t get anything on him until after he’s defeated a majority of the women. Only then, it’s down to him and maybe two women. There’s a definite power imbalance.

DNCE demean themselves in a shameless manner (as the well as the other people in the video) in order to promote their song. A single hit record isn’t worth the so-called shock value, which doesn’t last very long anyhow.

    Directors: Black Coffee & Gigi Hadid  Year: 2015

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  1. Well, the “reporters” don’t appear behind a piece of cake, they appear in front of it. And although you say Lisa winks, she does not. And the liquor bottle appears to be a wine bottle.

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