Video Review: Toya “I Do!!”

Against a black background, the tan lights form a “T” and then fade into a school hallway. Wearing glasses with a piece of tape on the rim, she flips her hair and opens her locker. When she opens her locker, there is a poster of Michael Jackson inside,

A guy in a varsity jacket rolls by on his skateboard towards class. A cheerleader watches everyone pass by.

While getting her books, she sees her crush. It’s the basketball star talking with his cheerleader girlfriend. After getting her books, she stands against her locker, staring at him. He notices Toya watching him but stops to slap his friends five. Toya wishes she were the cheerleader. He stares right back at her, curious about who the girl is. The cheerleader smirks. She isn’t threatened by some nerdy girl with glasses. He smiles at her.

At the club, she gets out of her SUV, with her sunglasses on. At the club, she spots him watching her while she is dancing with her friends. A guy break dances in the middle of the floor.

Behind the “T” lights, she is wearing a Cardinals t-shirt. She and her dancers perform a routine while the tan sparkles of light fall.

Then, she and her dancers’ eyes flash as they become possessed by the beat. It gives them energy to perform an extended routine. She puts her hand up in the air. The music stops.

Back at her locker, the glasses are off and she gives her crush a shy smile while they hold hands. The bell rings and people walk to their cars.


Rating: 1/5

Toya’s custom white jeans in the dance break, painted with bold, graffiti lettering and a graphic image by the waist area, is similar to the graffiti spray painted on an abandoned building somewhere. It was hard to concentrate on the dancing while looking at the graphic on her jeans, trying to figure out what it is supposed to be. The jeans shouldn’t bring to mind dilapidated buildings in a rundown city.

First, Toya is meek girl at school, in a conservative outfit, dreaming about her crush. However, it comes across as disingenious as the guy tracks her down at the club while she is dressed in the trendiest outfit possible, dancing confidently with her friends.

Out of nowhere, the video takes a supernatural turn as an explanation for the dance break. Huh? It makes everyone seem evil and considering she gets the guy at the end, it’s as though she stole him by magic and not by her own worth.

The lights pouring down rain is a pretty effect, though. It does take the focus off the jeans for a second or so, which is a bonus. The video takes too many crazy directions and undermines Toya in the process.

Director: N/A  Year: 2001


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