Video Review: Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias “Messin’ Around”

Piles of Polaroid photos are on the floor. Woman #1 lies on her back on the floor, flipping through moving pictures of Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

In Woman #2’s apartment, a camera is set up on her table while she walks in her black bra and panties to the window. She puts both hands on the window and watches the wave crash to the sand. She crawls around on the floor, photos around her, shifting to a sexy position.

On the pier,  Woman #3 pauses at the pier and stares right into the camera.

Woman #4 is taking a bubble bath, looking a photo while Woman #5 sits on her bed, waving the photo. Woman #6 smiles as she looks through her photos.

Back at Woman #2’s apartment, she holds a lingerie party. She and her friend jump on the bed while Woman #7 takes pictures. Two women in stand close together, pursing their lips. Woman #7 indicates it was a great picture.

At the pier, Woman #3 runs her fingers through her hair and pouts.

Woman #8 sits on the bench, her hands on her legs.

Woman #4 winks at the camera and splashes some water and then watches Woman #2, still in lingerie, outside on her balcony. Then, she looks at the photo she took with Pitbull.

In the photo, she has her hand on Pitbull’s shoulder while he raps. She giggles, thinking of the day. She mouths along with the lyrics in the bathtub.

In their moving photo, Pitbull raps while Iglesias stands with his arms folded and paces, casting his eyes downward, not wanting to be there.

At the party, the television plays Pitbull in the background while the women make a toast.

In a hallway, Iglesias sits with smirky Woman #9, in a plunging black dress and not meeting her aggressive gaze. He does get halfway towards there. She puts her hands on his chin, pushing her away from him. He doesn’t really fight it.

At the party, Woman #6 takes a photo of Woman #10 extending her bra straps out with an excited look on her face.

In the moving photo, Pitbull counts to two on his fingers.

Still in the hallway, Iglesias does a mini crawl to the Woman #9’s feet. She mouths along with the photos and takes a picture of the moment. He does get in her face, though. Woman #11 rubs her hands all over Iglesias while he keeps his hands to himself. She touches his face and shoulder with her fingers while he’s wondering what in the world she is doing.

Woman #6 tells the two other women to get closer to together. Woman #12 kisses Woman #13 on the cheek. Woman #13 gives the camera duck lips.

Iglesias then joins the party, taking a picture of all the women on the bed.

Woman #5 is ticked when she sees another woman rubbing up against Pitbull in her photos. She thought she was super special for not getting naked!

Woman #1 sits up on the floor and throws the photos in the air. They stay suspended in the air long enough to show Pitbull and Iglesias dancing in their photos.

Woman #2 rubs against a pole. On a bed, all the women talk. Iglesias tosses a photo.

At a bar, Woman #4 is amazed to see Pitbull in the same place as her. She just stares at him while he kisses another woman’s arm, wishing he would ask her to come over and join him.

At the party, they all take a group photo. Iglesias checks to see if there is enough film. Woman #14 hands out photos to put on their stomachs.

Iglesias cozies up to Woman #14 but she decides to hold onto his shirt instead. She puts her hand on his face while he nuzzles her neck.

On the couch, Woman #6 is ready to tear out someone’s hair. She tosses the photo down. Woman #3 pulls back a strand of her hair.

Woman #15 positions him in the hallway. He tries to kiss her and then she puts his hands on his face. Woman #5 examines all the photos, realizing she was just another fun night and nothing more.

The party continues while they watch television and sip their cocktails. Iglesias points the camera towards the bed.

In the last moving photo, Pitbull says he’s ready to “mess around” while Iglesias, with his arms folded across his chest, nods weakly.

Rating: 0/5

The women are faceless, blurring together and most are more than happy to play into the 13-year-old male fantasy of a ladies’ slumber party. The conservative women not willing to go along with the faux lesbianism are deemed to be naïve and old-fashioned.

At first, Woman #4 rises above the din with her playfulness but even after working with Pitbull, she can only look at him in awe at the bar as he looks on, trying to remember where he saw her. She’s satisfied that he stared back at her. It’s a boost to her self-esteem and she feels like a worthy human being again.

Only Woman #1 and Woman #3 have at least something decent to add to their reel that could help them find decent jobs in the future.

Iglesias seems to be thinking throughout that he’s too old for this. When he’s with the women in the hallway, the only thing on his mind is what he and Anna Kournikova should have for dinner that night.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016


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