Video Review: Jess Glynne “Ain’t Got Far To Go”

In Havana, Cuba, two men bend their backs around in a parking lot. In the city, a woman dances in the middle of the street. Two friends smile at the camera. A little kid looks out from the balcony, holding onto the bars of the fence. At the end of the block, four stray dogs sniff each other. On the other side of the block, a man dances while other people watch him.

Outside an open-air hallway of a school, Jess Glynne, has her hand on her hip, moving a little to the music. A few of girls in the group copy her. Then, they all dance together.

Inside a building, she is with her pianist and drummer as she performs the song. On top of the roof, a woman slides from left to right. While in the street, a man claps his hands as a man on the bicycle rides past him.

Inside a house, she sits on the couch with several children as the adults stand and move their arms.

At another school, she puts her arms out while the children wait by the door.

At the auditorium, people dance on the steps. As they take a break, people come by and talk. Standing by a statue with a mural of the Cuban flag on the other side with Fidel Castro painted between the stripes.

In front of a house, a man dances while Glynne, in her sunglasses claps for him.

She teaches little kids the choreography of the music video. They stand in line, stepping and watching her at the same time. She joins the dancers on the roof.

Inside a bar, she and a group of people, in a tight space, move their right hands in the air. The drummer hits his sticks. She leans against the column of the bar, saying the lyrics. She sits on top of the counter of the bar, watching a man dance. She laughs.

An older lady waves to the camera, her husband behind her while her son gives the thumbs up gesture.

Rating: 5/5

Jess Glynne is a guest in Havana and in the video, she meets the people of the city and gets to know them. She lets the people of city be the stars and allows people to get a sense of what its citizens are like. It what separates it from most travel music videos released in 2016.

Cuba’s history with the United States has been tense. Only in 2014, under according to NBC News, under President Barack Obama did he start to lessen restrictions placed on Cuba after the Cold War. To see a non-politicized version of the country, the human side of it, that from an American point of view that has been a consequence of a travel ban.

From an American standpoint, it’s an eye-opener and a thought-provoking choice, given whoever may see the video, may spark a discussion of some sort.

Director: Declan Whitebloom  Year: 2016


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