Video Review: Carly Rae Jepsen “Run Away With Me”

Over old film footage, made to look it was taped in the 80s, Carly Rae Jepsen twirls around in a flower-printed dress and grabs her lover’s hand before releasing herself in a courtyard.

Sitting in a taxi, her hand on her mouth, she looks through the sun roof, viewing a monument in Dublin. In her hotel room, she sifts through her luggage and talks on the phone. She unpacks her t-shirts. Back at the airport, she wheels her luggage and heads onto the plane.

With her hands in her jacket, she walks in Paris, smiling behind a statue. Holding her boyfriend’s hand behind her, she takes him through the subway, laughing. She swings around the pole. At a landmark, she peeks through the bars, gloves on, looking down at the city below. Later, she runs to catch up with her boyfriend. She bikes through Paris.

In her hotel room, she hides behind the curtain. She points to the Arc De Triomphe. Then, she twirls around a pole. She peeks through the subway entrance and then hops onto the street.

She runs through a hallway to catch another plane. Landing in New York, she points to the Statue of Liberty while on a boat ride and makes an exaggerated “oh” face. She walks along Times Square. Walking down the stairs, leading to the subway, she waits for the subway. She stands on the track, letting it blow it by her.

On the bus, she struggles to get comfortable. She puts her legs up on the seat by her. She turns over to her side.

In Japan, she blows bubbles and then runs into it, popping it. She makes an “OMIGOD! I can’t believe I’m here” expression while in downtown Tokyo. She stands by flashing neon lights. She races up stairs in the hotel room.

During karaoke, she looks out the window, taking in the view of Tokyo. She stands by the rail of the window, falling to the music as she sings. She climbs over a fountain and then runs on the edge. She runs through the hoop of lights. She gets the crowd into the song, pointing during the “ooh ooh.” After it, a guy gives her a high-five. Everyone sings along with, gesturing with their arms during the chorus.

The next morning, she wakes up and looks to the city. The video, filmed and edited over several times, has lines running through it and splits the image into two. While on a bike, she puts her hands out, balancing herself.

In the hotel room, she throws her clothes on the bed and does a little dance. She tries on hats. She jumps on the bed, tossing her pillow around. Looking over her shoulder, she heaves her pillow towards the camera.

Rating: 5/5

Carly Rae Jepsen is trying to take in every sight she can before leaving it. Every stop is an adventure, a chance to make another unbelievable memory that she won’t ever forget with the person she loves most next to her. There’s an immediacy to it, a need to capture every moment because there isn’t much time.

It has a romantic yet realistic view of traveling. Jepsen is wearing coats and gloves for most of the time. Like most everyday shots, hair gets her in the face, the camera shakes and sometimes an angle is off. But it’s what separates the video from others. It’s home made, meant for the viewing of family and friends, not as a brochure for the general public.

The footage at the beginning hints towards something tragic preceding it. There is so much joy throughout the video. It’s as though the lover is rewatching it, remembering the woman he loved but lost too soon. But there’s also a finality to it, that it was the last time they were truly together.

Director: David Kalani Larkins Year: 2015



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