Video Review: Jason Derulo “If It Ain’t Love”

Jason Derulo sits at his desk, in a modern office, and brushes his hair back. The expense reports are never going to get done and it’s so mind-numbing boring. He hits some keys.

Meanwhile, one of his co-workers packs up his suitcase with work to take home while a woman, in glasses, leans in her chair, looking over a spreadsheet.

Derulo tilts his head from the screen, checking out his female co-worker, who sits at the end. He watches the co-worker leave for the day. The other female co-worker also takes off. He leans back in his chair and grins, adjusting his tie. He throws his pen in the air and catches it. She gives him a shy smile.

He walks up to her desk and the screen shakes. He offers his hand to her and they dance in the center of the desks.

In his individual shot, he stands against the brick of the building, while several women’s hands run over his body. A hand graces his cheek and he closes in his eyes.

The lights flash as she and Derulo dance. She hikes her mini skirt up to her crotch and grinds against him. She grabs his tie to pull herself up from the floor. They make out on the steps.

A woman’s finger touches his lips and he smiles. Meanwhile, the other hands have removed his jacket and tie. His shirt is now open. The women touch his chest.

They walk down the stairs. She puts her body against the wall, ready to have sex. She kicks her leg up and he holds her over his head. In the copy room, she sits on one of the machines as he kisses her neck and takes off her glasses.

A shelf of Beluga Vodka is tucked away somewhere in the office, untouched and undiscovered.

He opens the door to the supply room, filled with outdated books. After embracing, he dances on the ceiling while she touches her neck.

A bottle of Beluga Vodka gets another plug.

He comes down from the ceiling and rubs his hand down his thigh. He jumps back on the ceiling and gives her an upside down kiss. He lets his lips touch her face, chest and to her legs.

They crawl up the wall. As they kiss on the copier, the camera tilts backwards. The camera then tilts upside down as they dance on the ceiling. Then, as they dance, the camera tilts itself around in a square.

At the copier, he gives the camera a hungry look.

After they finish having sex, he walks to her Fiat and he walks back inside the office.

Rating: 3/5

In the modern office, with a decent job, the only thing breaking him out of the monotony is his crush, who works a couple of desks away from him. She sneaks glances at him during her breaks. He likes to entertain her. The mutual attraction has been brewing for a while. But he finally decided to do something about it. He woos her by dancing, which is something they both have in common.

The camera tricks get a bit much after a while. The first time it’s done, it’s ok, But by the fourth camera tilt, the money likely needed for it (thanks Beluga!) is a waste and could’ve been spent developing an actual story instead.

Jason Derulo is capable of more than just dancing. He relies on it in every video, as though it’s expected of him. This far in his career, though, he has the earned the right to step out and be different.

Directors: Jason Derulo & Joseph Labisi  Year: 2016

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