Video Review: Tove Lo “Timebomb”

On a hazy summer day, Tove Lo sits on a platform in the middle of the beach. Somber, she needed some time away from her boyfriend. She touches her neck.

At a different time, three couples stand on the each side of the platform. Then, an older couple appears. She folds her hands across her chest while he looks down, knowing he disappointed her.

Two men meet each other in the middle and tip their heads together. A bearded man approaches his hurt girlfriend. While another man and woman walk tentatively towards one another, not sure what the other is thinking.

Two women walk on the platform towards one another. One woman touches her boyfriend’s arm, trying to get to talk to her. The short-haired women explains her side of the story but the blonde woman pushes her away with her arm.

The bearded man circles the platform, laying out what needs to be changed in the relationship while his boyfriends stands in the center, listening. The older couple kiss. After pushing her boyfriend, one woman puts her hand over ears. The bearded man touches his girlfriend but she shakes it off. The man gestures to his long-haired brunette girlfriend that it wasn’t his fault. She has to take responsibility.

On the platform, Lo stands up on her knees.

The woman pushes her boyfriend. He puts his hands out to stop her. Then they kiss, as well as the lesbian couple. However, the blonde woman shoves her girlfriend.

Lo starts banging her head like it was an Iron Maiden concert, while her image fades into the next.

The boyfriend pushes his girlfriend back. The blonde woman puts her head down, crying. All the couples kiss again. Then each take a turn shoving one another.

Lo stands up while the faded images of the couples pushing each other is shown behind her.

She waves some silk in the wind and changes into a black dress.

The couples stand with their backs to another. The older couple have almost worked it out. She cries while he looks on, making sure she is ok. The bearded man puts his hand to his face, unable to forgive his boyfriend who stares at the ocean and then looks down. The confession has changed their relationship forever. The bearded man puts his head into his boyfriend’s shoulder, holding him tight.

The lesbian couple stares at each other from the ends of the platform. A man holds his girlfriend’s hand and pulls her back to him. The girlfriend puts her hands over her face as her boyfriend rushes to her, comforting her. The brunette woman cups her girlfriend’s cheeks.

On the platform, Lo’s boyfriend gives a hug, sweeping her off her feet.

All the couples get ready to kiss again.

The screen shakes at the word “Timebomb” as the couples argue and then passionately kiss.

The screen turns a dusky blue. As the sun sets, she runs her hands through the sand and her hair. She pulls her head back. Then, she holds some strands of her by her face, giving the camera a pouty look. She covers her naked chest with her arms.

The bearded man gives his boyfriend a hug, resting his head on his shoulder while the lesbian stand with their backs against each other. Tove Lo sits in an odd position, naked, hiding her private parts.

The girlfriend finally lets her bearded boyfriend talk as she plays with her hair. She touches his neck, gazing into his eyes. The girlfriend buries her head into her boyfriend’s neck. The brunette woman kisses her girlfriend’s neck as she looks at the ocean. All the couples kiss.

On a stage, they stand on the platform, kissing each other, the white light affording them some privacy.

She teases at the nudity, as the camera cuts away at the exact moment something would be shown.

During the sunset, they all kiss one last time, fading into one couple from the next.

She puts her hand to her shoulder, giving the camera a challenging look.


Rating: 2/5

Tove Lo’s self-destructive nature may be uncomfortable to watch at times. She gets deep into character, having a willingness to be unlikable and cross whatever lines she needs to get things done. Her world is one people prefer not to acknowledge.

Now, she just wants to pretty. It’s a dramatic shift, from one extreme to the other. She has her swimsuit model moment on the beach and gets to be mainstream edgy by wearing lots of black.

Then, she gets naked. While it stretches the limits as much as it can and is rather bold, it’s also insecure and rash, pushing all of her anxiety to the surface. In one of her darker videos, there could be some metaphor or explanation attached to it. Now, if Rachel Platten did the same thing, it would be shocking. But here, it’s to hit the Top 40 and get noticed again as she downplays her intelligence and creativity to do so.

Director: Emil Nava  Year: 2015


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