Video Review: Miranda Cosgrove “Kissin U”

On the beach, Miranda Cosgrove brushes her hair away from her face and thinks of her boyfriend.

Walking in Los Angeles, she stops and admires a classmates’ drawing on the sidewalk. She steps closer, wanting to get a better view of his work. She sees he has turned the hole in the pavement into a river, with a waterfall. He gets shy when he hears her compliment. She gives him a hug. He puts his sunglasses over his head as they take another look at his work.

She thought she felt a raindrop on her arm. Her friend takes her by the arm and they run through the pouring rain. He takes her by the arm and they find shelter under a mural. Disappointed, she sees his drawing fade. She wants to do something: take a picture, try to save it somehow. He puts his arm around her shoulder and says it’s ok. She puts her hand on his shoulder and they kiss.

At his house, he shows her more of his work. She notices a landscape and can’t believe how awesome it is. He gets modest and smiles. She walks over to the other side of the room and beams.

Sitting on her bed, her phone rings. It’s her boyfriend and she grins. She answers it and asks how he’s doing. A clanging noise gets her attention and she looks at her window. She looks outside and it’s her boyfriend, waiting for her.

It’s chore day at his house. Today, he has to clean her car. Grabbing a pail of water, he places it beside him and then washes the wheel. She smiles, knowing many guys would expect something after her help. She sprays him with the hose. They chase each other around the car.

Later that day, he teaches her how to draw, explaining lines and shading. When she asks a question, he dabs some blue paint on her nose. He tells her she did a good job on her butterfly.

They walk on the beach, hand-in-hand. She rests her head on his shoulder as they watch the sun set. He picks her up in his car and they attend a concert. She wakes up the next day, thinking of the wonderful date she had with him. Before he left, they dance together in her room. It was so romantic.

She walks past her window and then back, thinking of something. She pushes a strand of her away from her face and opens the curtain, looking outside. Then, she runs outside.

On her sidewalk, he painted a butterfly with images of them together inside the wings. She is speechless. No one has ever done that for her.


Rating: 3.5/5

There’s a genuine love and appreciation for art, particularly street art. The hole used a river is creative, creating a fictional world inside a broken piece of concrete. The mural has its own message, stating there is more than life to than just people in the city. There are more people, unseen and unknown in all corners of the world.

Her boyfriend’s talent for art is what attracted her to him in the first place. The fact that he can visually put an idea and/or metaphor into a 3-D drawing or painting is amazing to her. It’s something she wishes she knew how to do. He teaches her the basics.

Then, to show her his love, he draws a picture of a butterfly on her sidewalk. It’s incredibly thoughtful. They both respect and support each other: she helps with his car, he teaches her how to sketch. When they do embrace during the sunset, it’s not meant to be checked off the list of The Most Perfect Couple, there is love between them and it shows. As far as teenage romances go, it’s far more mature and serious than usual. It’s as though they are juniors in college, not high school, planning their future after graduation.

Director: Alan Ferguson  Year: 2010

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