Video Review: Zedd & Foxes “Clarity”

Against a golden tan background, Foxes thinks of what led her to the moment. A crystal appears and then a planet, with pink light surrounding it.

While at a stop, she views the electrical wires above her, lining the entire city. She stops at the traffic light.

Her boyfriend (AJ English), against a flashing red background, his image painted into the screen. His back towards the camera, he gives one last look.

As he was driving down the street, he looks to the strip mall. Two rockets appear, separating from another before takeoff. Water drips steadily. Sparks flash. Two light bulbs fly in the air, towards each other.

Two sharp objects point to each other. Foxes holds onto her boyfriend, praying it will be quick.

A bright, yellow light appears and then turns into a moon, with a piercing light and particles falling. Foxes, stares into the dark, a single tear on her cheek. In the black, she and her boyfriend look at another, searching for answers. Then the background turns a razor sharp yellow and blood red.

He turns a corner. Foxes drives at a steady clip. They crash into each other. A Rorschach of images follow: sparks ignite, an inky drawing of a bird with wings, a monster with an owl’s face breathes fire, twinkling stars, a pale blue board cracks into a million pieces. A thousand red and blue dots form two circles, the light bulbs smash into each other and glass flies everywhere.

Zedd stands in the middle of the three sharp objects. Then, in a golden background, he looks up.

More images follow: rusty and blue lights oppose each other against an invisible pole, two plum balls hang and slowly roll, an eclipse and then a double eclipse.

Foxes and her boyfriend fly in the air, in opposite directions, through brief rotoscope animation of the sky and over the clouds.

Foxes’ tear falls, landing on top of the mountain, where he awakes. He looks around, trying to figure exactly where he is. He climbs down into cave, hanging onto the rock. He finds where, wearing a white dress. Glad she’s safe, he walks to her. However, bruised and scared, she runs off. He traces her steps in the sand. A spot catches his eye. He bends down and touches it. It’s blood. His concern grows.

As it gets steeper, he covers his mouth, coughing from the sand. Foxes, wounded, won’t let him near her. She continues to walk. Racing down the dune, he sees her and finally she stops. She faints and he runs to her. The Rorschach of images appear again.

The two fly back over the clouds, the images reversing. The crash happens again.

In an earlier memory, he drives while Foxes stands up in the seat, having a carefree day and focusing on the present.


Rating: 4/5

The video could be a psychological test of some sort, determining a person’s personality type. The images are similar to ink blot tests, asking people what they see. Spurring such follow questions as what do you think happened to the couple? Do you think they survived?

Here are my answers: I do not think Foxes survived the crash, but her boyfriend did. I believe they found each other in limbo while they are in the hospital. The mountains are perhaps a vacation spot, a serene place where he knows he will find her. She doesn’t want to him to see her dying. She collapses, taking her last breath in the hospital as he wakes up from his coma. However, he isn’t the same person as he was before. The last image is

It may not be the most visually interesting video but it lends itself to plenty of interpretation.

Director: Jodeb  Year: 2013

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