Video Review: Katharine McPhee “Over It”

After inserting a blank DVD into the video camera, she sits on the couch. Then, the she begins to call out her boyfriend’s bad behavior.

While in her bathroom, she applies mascara on her eyes while her other girlfriends talk as they get ready. One of her friends says she can do it. She drops her brush on the counter and does a playful shrug. She takes the DVD out of the video camera.

On the way to the party, she looks out the window, thinking of what she will say and joking with friends to ease her nerves.

Sitting up on a mint green rug, she wears a purple halter dress and stretches out. Every so often, she will turn the television on with the remote. After lying down, she hikes up her dress, just enough to show matching panties.

She walks into her friend’s house, suddenly nervous. With some egging on by her friends, she finds him in the crowd and reaches for the disc. She tells him “hey.” He walks away, without even realizing she was there.

Defeated, she walks back to her friends. Then, she sees him making out with another girl. She watches him touch the girl’s waist, whispering that he’ll back and leave. Her self-esteem plummets at the realization she didn’t mean anything to him.

Boxes fill her apartment. She’s moving out and wants to make a fresh start somewhere else. Every time she walks in the door, she wants to cry. She sits on one of the cardboard boxes, thinking she wasted years of her life with a guy.

She waits for him over by the elevator. When she sees him, she enters the elevator. She touches his chest, pretending to kiss him. However, she hands him the DVD instead. Dumbfounded, he can only stare at the DVD and then look at her, wondering what it’s about. She leaves with a smile, proud of herself for having the courage to dump him.


Rating: 2.5/5

Breakup by DVD seems harsh. It’s a one-way conversation that results in her saying in different, various ways how much he sucks as a boyfriend. It’s actually humiliating and undeserved, despite what he did. It’s also a cop-out by not telling him face-to-face.


Unfortunately, the video only gets into the tail end of the drama. There are no details given about the relationship. It’s only focused on her. There are hints that he ignored her and cheated, though. But it’s not enough to get invested in her. Usually, there is a catalyst and nothing is shown. The burst of confidence comes out of nowhere, including the hiking up of her skirt, showing her panties. It’s eyebrow raising and cringeworthy, knowing she has gone a bit over the edge. Maybe the lack of attention from her boyfriend damaged her on a major level and has finally gotten to her, leading her to act out in extreme ways.

When the main character’s mental state is questioned, there isn’t any coming back from it. It was a decent try but the experimentation towards exhibitionism from someone who has found her courage is problematic. It’s a throwaway moment that seems harmless at first but after some thought, becomes disturbing.

Director: Liz Friedlander Year: 2007

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