Video Review: Blake Shelton “Sure Be Cool If You Did”

Filmed with a nostalgic hue, a group of women drive to their favorite bar. A metal bow chain hangs in the rearview mirror. A woman with blonde hair touches her scarlet red lip stick as her brunette friend looks out the window. She raises her hand up, making hand horns.

At the bar, the bartender behind the counter is preparing drinks. Someone squeezes the lemon into their drink. Blake Shelton sits in the center, listening to his friend’s conversation. A server holds a tray of drinks and heads for a table. His friends laugh at a joke he just told.

The blonde haired woman enters the bar through the curtain and then walks on the metal steps, leading to the stairs. As she climbs down the stairs in her leopard print platform high heels, Shelton’s friends stop talking and look at her.

She and her friends head to the bar and put their orders in. Then they toast to a great night they are going to have. A long-haired friend of Shelton’s is enthralled, watching the women sip on their drinks and pull their back. Some of his friends get up, taking their drinks with them as they head to the women’s table. One friend says goodbye to Shelton.

A guy, wearing a hat, connects with the blonde woman right away. However, another friend continues to talk to her, monopolizing her attention. He asks the brunette woman to dance. She accepts and he walks her to the dance floor. When they return, Shelton fist pumps his friends for getting the brunette woman’s number. Shelton claps his hands and laughs.

The brunette woman, drink in hand, comes over and sits down at the guys’ table. They all order more drinks and make a toast to new friends. The blonde woman laughs with the long-haired guy. However, it’s the brunette woman who he says goodbye to at the end of the night. At his car, they smile and lean into each other. He kisses her forehead. They kiss and he gives her a hug, lifting her up in the air.

The spotlight shines on the dance floor and they all dance to the music.

Meanwhile, their table is full of glasses and Shelton smiles. They have one more toast. The entire table is now covered in half-drunk glasses. The candle is has gone out.

At the empty bar, Shelton stands in the center, his hands placed on each side of the counter. Then, he holds a drink in his hand and then takes a sip, the last man single man standing among his friends.


Rating: 4.5/5

The bar has a lot of memories for Blake Shelton. He met some of his good friends there (including a few in the circle). He tried a few awkward pickup lines on some women. But that particular night was different. There, his friends met their future wives. It was a night of new beginnings.

The nostalgic hue recalls another time, before marriage and children, when they all hung out together. He still goes to the bar occasionally but it’s not the same. They can’t hang out like they used to and he doesn’t see them as much as anymore. But that night the possibilities were endless and it seemed as though they would be young forever.

Director: Trey Fanjoy  Year: 2013


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