Video Review: Tory Lanez “Luv”

With his arms outstretched in a god-like pose, Tory Lanez stands against a gray rock as smoke swells above him.

He walks towards a white vintage car, the road worn by figure eights, and takes his keys out. A young woman, in a white dress, stands near a column by a house. The light wind blows her dress to mid-thigh. He takes a long drag of his cigarette and then goes into his car.

At a party, ivory lights are strung up along the backyard. People dance to the music, holding their red plastic cups. The young woman sits in the car, her head turned towards the back of the camera, watching the sunset. She pulls Lanez to her, holding onto to the back of his head. He stands in the middle of the road and looks down.

A dog sits by the counter, sleeping as he flirts with the young woman, as he keeps looking at her breasts. They talk by a light up statue and he holds her waists while she rolls her hips. Outside the ranch, she touches a strand of her hair. She also stands on the balcony of the mansion, which offers a view of the city, and holds a part of her dress up in the air. She walks on the ledge of the pool in her bare feet.

They talk in the car. After talking a break, she waits to get back inside the car. They through a rural neighborhood, peppered with sepia rock and cacti and then enter the expressway, lined with trees.

He sits in the middle of the road and then in a city. The fiery red clouds graze the trees. However, the white clouds conceal the red clouds, hiding the danger behind it. He walks through a garden, with a wire fence covered in vine. He falls to the bottom of the ocean and he grabs his girlfriend. However, she squirms away and swims to the surface.

In the middle of the road, his girlfriend touches his shoulder, says goodbye and leaves in the vintage white car. He smokes his cigarette, watching her driveway and then sits in the middle of the road as her image gets smaller.


Rating: 1/5

The overabundance of cliché (a moody desert) and pretension (Lanez’s god-like pose by the rock) is a rocky combination as it tries to say something important by not saying anything at all.

The disconnected images don’t form a cohesive narrative. None of the pieces match each other, as they are shown out of order while others are just random (a sleeping dog). Too much time is spent on the party, where people repeatedly dance and Lanez checks out the young woman’s breasts and not enough on the young woman herself. Her walking bare foot on the edge of the pool is perhaps the one of the best visuals, suggesting adventure and playfulness, and yet it seems that’s ever known about her. When given the chance, the young woman has a bright personality beyond her body, but the video doesn’t really care.

Lanez doesn’t do much other than drive and give up his car. The young woman, with her vibrance, steals every scene she is in, providing angst and verve that neither the images or Lanez can’t.

Director: The Mob  Year: 2016


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